Current Students

Current Students


USP offers scholarships and financial assistance to students with the aim of rewarding high academic achievers and providing opportunities for deserving students who may be facing financial hardship. USP also administers scholarships and financial assistance on behalf other organisations.

USP funded scholarships

USP offers a limited number of scholarships for full-time studies undertaken at Laucala (Fiji), Emalus (Vanuatu) or Alafua (Samoa) campuses. These scholarships are available at different levels:


                                             i.            Pacific Academic Excellence (PAE) awards

                                           ii.            Bai ni Ose scholarship

                                         iii.            Regional Disability scholarship


                                             i.            Pacific Scholarship for Excellence in Research & Innovation (PSERI)

Other scholarships managed by USP

 USP also administers and manages a limited number of scholarships funded by other organisations and donors:


                                 i.            Westpac scholarship

                               ii.            Shrikisun Balgovind scholarship


                             iii.            Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship fund [SYLFF]

                             iv.            Pacific Regional Sports Research scholarship

Note: for more information on the postgraduate scholarships, please contact the Research Student Coordinator, USP Research office.



USP Student Bursary scheme

USP has a Student Bursary scheme that provides financial assistance to private students at undergraduate and postgraduate level who face financial hardship. The award covers a certain percentage of the awardee’s tuition fees for a semester. For more details on the scheme please click here

Current Bursary Advert: 2021 Sem 1 Now Open



All governments of USP member countries provide scholarship to their own citizens for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at USP. Students should liaise directly with the Ministry of Education of their government or National Scholarship offices if they wish to apply for these scholarships.

Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.



Students interested in these scholarships should enquire at their National Scholarship offices or click on the following links:

                     i.            Australia Award Pacific Scholarships

                   ii.            New Zealand Scholarships

                 iii.            Taiwan/ROC-PIF Scholarship Scheme


 Scholarship Application Forms available via 


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