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Annemarie Dunbar

For Annemarie Dunbar and her daughter Linnea’, moving from Denmark to Fiji was an opportunity not to be missed.

“I’ve always been deeply passionate and fascinated by the all-encompassing reach, nature and importance of the tourism industry. And because tourism impacts on all our lives in one way or another, and a small, but fabulous, island nation such as Fiji depends on the income generated, it was important to me to learn and understand much more about the industry so there was no doubt about what I wanted to study, Tourism”, she tells Alumni News. However studying, working and being a full-time mom was a balancing act for this Danish native, who lived and worked in Vuda Lautoka but studied at USP’s Laucala Campus in Suva. “I commuted to Suva every week and because my daughter was very young at the time and was happiest with our Vanua in Vuda and at the FSC kindy in Lautoka.

My student life was very expensive, but it was also the most stimulating time in my life. Not simply due to the formal education, but also the informal learning about the many students and cultures from the wide range of Pacific Islands was absolutely inspiring”, continued Dunbar. Graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Sociology, Ms. Dunbar lists the following as her career highlights since graduation - working as Resort Operations Manager at First Landing Resort in Vuda during 2006 and her current position as Personal Assistant to the British Ambassador in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“In both positions coming to work was the best adrenalin high imaginable and I very much felt comfortable in my skin – the only 2 times I’ve felt that” shared Dunbar. Her advice to students - Do what you are passionate about, be passionate about what you do, Being told “No” is a challenge to prove someone wrong and have no fear of creating and engaging your network both as a student and along the path of your career.

Annemarie adds moving back to Europe in 2011 “wasundoubtedly the biggest challenge – not a choice that I madewillingly or happily. Fiji changed both me and my daughter, and we still struggle to adapt to European ways, attitudes and values”.

“It goes without saying that I miss Fiji very much. It also goes without saying that I am very happy to be contacted by students and fellow alumni if they feel that I can be of help either in terms of their academic or their professional lives” concluded Dunbar.

Interested Alumni can contact Annemarie Dunbar through email at or search for her on LinkedIn.

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