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AUSPS Update 28 Oct 2014

1. USP Medical Scheme for 2015

We are waiting for some confirmations of the 2015 Medical Insurance scheme from the Medical Insurance Working Group. Issues raised on the 2014 medical scheme during the last Pre-council meeting have been forwarded to the Working group. We will send an update on the new developments once we receive some confirmed details next week.

Optional extensions to the 2014 scheme include but not confirmed yet:

  1. Outpatients limit increases
  2. Maternity Provisions
  3. Kidney Transplants and Kidney Dialysis
  4. Preventative Medicine and Check Ups
  5. Naturopathy Services etc

2. Teaching Assistants 

 The USP Council in May had agreed to review the terms and conditions for Teaching Assistants. Work is in progress and you will be informed of any development.

3.  Delinking

The internal USP Job Evaluation committee has completed evaluating all the benchmark positions and are awaiting the same report from PWC who are conducting an audit on these positions as well. Once the audit reports are submitted the Job Evaluation Oversight Committee will meet to signoff and finalise the benchmarks. In parallel to this the Salary Structure Working Group will commence work to determine a current market based new salary structure for the professional staff (comparable). Data being used for the new salary structure is sourced from PWC and other comparator Universities local and international. We hope to complete all this exercise by end 2014.

4. Changes in Staff Ordinances
Based on Memorandum of Agreement between USP and AUSPS there will be some amendments to the Staff Ordinance document in the following areas: Gratuity, Medical Insurance, Names for staff group, Annual Leave, and Probation term. These changes have already come into effect and they need to be reflected in the Staff Ordinance document proper.

5. USP Council
A review of the USP Council was conducted by a Law Firm from Australia. One of the items in the review deals with Staff membership to the Council. There are currently 4 staff (two from the Senate and 2 elected by staff generally) and recommendations have been made regarding staff representation in the Council. The 79th meeting of the USP Council (30 - 31 October 2014, Novotel House, Novotel Hotel, Lami, Fiji) will discuss this together with other recommendations concerning various aspects of the USP Council and make appropriate decisions.

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