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Strategic & Operational Plan for Distance and Flexible Learning (DFL), School of Management and Public Administration, 2014-2017

Over the recent years, there is an increasingly strong demand from students for DFL courses in the disciplinary areas offered by the SMPA. The student number enrolled in DFL for the year 2014 has risen from 1318 in semester 1 to 1853 in semester 2. Undoubtedly, the DFL has played a key role in accomplishing the primary mission of the USP and the SMPA. Based on the student course evaluation, the majority of students are positive about their learning outcomes. However, the DFL education is also facing challenges and issues. As part of the School’s endeavour to enhance its quality in teaching and learning, we are determined to address the issues.


Strategic Goals (2014-2017)

The School aspires to be a premier provider of high-quality and responsive management education and training in both face-to-face and DFL modes. In terms of DFL education, over the next three years (2014-2017), the School aims to achieve the following strategic goals which are aligned with USP Strategic Plan:

- Improving significantly the currency, relevance (e.g. having local, regional and international components), responsiveness (e.g. to students and market demands) and quality (i.e. from being good to excellent) of DFL education;

- Achieving 100 percent of DFL course conversion (i.e. All the courses are ready to be offered in a DFL mode);

- Employing local tutors or assistant lecturers to conduct face-to-face tutorials in all the DFL campuses (except Laucala); and

- Improving significantly the staff’s capability of effective application of new technologies to DFL teaching and learning as well as developing new pedagogies in line with the changes caused by the new technology.


Operational Plan (ongoing)

To achieve the strategic goals and address the challenges and issues identified above, the School has developed an operational plan and tactics as follows:

- Achieve currency, relevance and quality

- Use technology to improve teaching and learning

- Foster interactive and experiential teaching and learning

- Improve responsiveness to students’ needs

- Recruit qualified local tutors or assistant lecturers

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