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 SMPA celebrates record number of High-Quality Publications


The Head of School of Management & Public Administration recently congratulated many of their staff for generating high-quality and high-impact research outputs. Professor Fang Zhao announced that SMPA has published the highest number of A* and A journal articles (total of 5) in 2014 when compared to other schools within the Faculty of Business & Economics. She acknowledged and commended the work of the following staff for producing high-quality journal articles: Professor Shaun Goldfinch, Dr. Gurmeet Singh, Dr. Anand Chand, Dr. Rafia Naz, Dr. Jashwini Narayan, and Suwastika Naidu. Details of their publications are provided below.

A* Journal


Zhao, F., Shen, K. N. and Collier, A. (2014). Effects of culture on e-government diffusion: A global study of 55 countries. Information & Management. (A* journal). (Published at DOI: 10.1016/ at


A Journal


Goldfinch, S. and DeRouen, K. (2014). In it for the long haul? Post-conflict statebuilding, peacebuilding, and the good governance agenda in Timor-Leste. Public Administration and Development, 34, pp.96-108.


Naidu, S. and Chand, A. (2014). A comparative analysis of best human resource management practices in the hotel sector of Samoa and Tonga. Personnel Review, 43(5), pp.798-815. (ABDC 2013: Ranked A)


Zhao, F. Collier, A. and Deng, H. (2014). A multidimensional and integrative approach to study global digital divide and e-government development. Information Technology and People, 27(1), pp.38-62. (A Journal)


Zwikael1, O., Pathak, R.D., Singh, G. and Ahmed, S. (2014). The moderating effect of risk on the relationship between planning and success. International Journal of Project Management, 32(3), pp.435-41. ISSN 0263-7863 (Print), Elsevier. (A ranked as per ABDC)


B Journal


Liligeto, R., Singh, G., and Naz, R. (2014). Factors influencing consumer perception (CP) towards TV and newspaper advertising. The Journal of Pacific Studies (forthcoming) (B journal).


Naz, R. (2014). Sex Education in Fiji. Sexuality and Culture. 18(3), pp.664-687. (B journal).


Narayan, J. and Singh, G. (2014). Public enterprise reforms and financial performance of government commercial companies of Fiji. International Journal of Public Administration, 37(11), pp.756-772. (B ranked journal).


Slack, N and Singh, G. (2014) “Public Sector Reforms and Service Quality Issues from the Perspective of the Small Island Developing States in Pacific: A Case of Fiji”, accepted for publication in International Journal of Public Administration.  (B ranked)


Niel, S., Singh, G. and Pathak, R.D. (2014), “Technology and Marketing Capabilities in a Developing Economic Context: Assessing the Resource-Based View within a Boundary Condition”, accepted for publication inInternational Journal of Business and Economics. (B ranked)


Naidu, S. and Chand, A. (2014) Exploring the relationship between freedom from corruption and business governance in the Oceania region. Quality & Quantity, 48 (6). pp. 3489-3509. ISSN 0033-5177 (B-ranked journal)




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