MSc: Bindiya Rashni -  Institute of Applied Science

Mr. Pritesh Sharma



Degree: Master of Science in Marine Science

Researcher:  Bindiya Rashni

Thesis TitleEffect of catchment forest cover on Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in streams of Fiji

Principal Supervisor: Prof. William Aalbersberg

Status: Completed

Thesis Abstract:


This research aimed at investigating the health of streams draining catchments with varying percentage forest cover in order to better understand the effect that the alteration of catchment forest cover has on the Fijian stream macroinvertebrate fauna.

The following objectives were designed to achieve the aim of this research: 

(a) assessing the biotic parameters (macroinvertebrate community structure) and

(b) assessing the abiotic parameters (water quality) of stream health and then

(c) examining the relationships between catchment forest cover and biophysical and ecological parameters.

In addition to the research above, I have been involved in EIAs, Impact studies and BIORAPs that require freshwater macroinvertebrate, periphyton and plankton assessments.


























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