Faculty of Business and Economics


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

To be modern and an enterprising faculty that brings transformational opportunities to our students, individuals, communities and businesses in the South Pacific Region, through diversity, partnership and excellence in teaching and research.

 Our vision means that:

  1. FBE will be widely recognized as a faculty that integrates teaching, research and innovation.
  2. FBE will be recognised internationally for the quality and impact of our research in key SRTs that promote our reputation and mission.
  3. FBE will be recognised as a leading faculty for employability and enterprise.
  4. FBE will be a diverse contributing to a wide range of relevant academic programmes and projects.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  1. Deliver innovative research and teaching that is intellectually stimulating
  2. Promote and provide employability skills for our students
  3. Provide an outstanding student experience
  4. Encourage our graduates to share their success, and promote the success of others
  5. Use our regional and international reputation to support social and economic regeneration in our communities in the South Pacific region.



We value:

  1. Our faculty staff and students and take pride in our achievements, commitment and contribution
  2. our excellence in research and teaching and all that we do
  3. our  innovation and creativity and will take risks where necessary
  4. equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
  5. collaboration and partnership, to achieve excellence and to help others achieve excellence

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