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Library Services for USP Staff

Welcome to USP!

The Emalus campus library offers many services to USP staff members.

Opening hours


During the academic year

Monday - Thursday


8:00 am - 9:00 pm


8:00 am - 4:30 pm


2:00 - 6:00 pm


During vacation

Monday - Thursday


8:00 am - 12:00 pm


1:30 - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 12:00 pm

1:30 - 4:30 pm




Public holidays


Using the library

The Emalus campus library guide offers a basic explanation of how our library collections are organized.

All library books have a small label on the spine. The label explains where the book belongs within the collection. These are known as call numbers.

The call numbers for law books all begin with the letter K. The call numbers for the rest of the collection begin with a number, ranging from 0 to 999.

Would you like a tour of the library? Please come to the library Issues Desk or call 22748 ext 165 to book a library tour.

Using the library catalogue

The Emalus library catalogue is called Athena. You can access it from the library main page, or using this link.

Athena is the best place to start your research in the Emalus library. It contains all the library's print materials, organized and searchable by title, author, subject and keyword. Athena also contains links to electronic records that are freely available on the internet.

Detailed instructions on using Athena are available here. You can always request assistance from the librarian or from the staff at the library Issues Desk.

You also have access to the library collections at the Laucala campus. The library catalogue for Laucala is called Spydus and you can access it from this link.

ILL forms are available for journal articles and for books (including book chapters). There is no charge for loans from the main campus library at Laucala. The charge for ILLs from overseas libraries is F$40 per request, which must be paid in advance.

Academic staff must receive approval for their ILL requests from their Head of Department or Chair of the Research Committee before the ILL request is submitted to the library.


Other USP Library

Overseas Library


Up to 5 requests free

F$40 per request


Up to 5 requests free

F$40 per request



F$40 per request, or actual cost if higher

External borrowers

F$40 per request

F$40 per request, or actual cost if higher

Completed ILL application forms should be submitted to the ILL Librarian at the Laucala Library. ILL requests should comply with USP's Copyright Guidelines.

Please direct ILL-related questions to:

ILL Librarian
The University of the South Pacific Library
Suva, Fiji
Tel: +679 323 2690
Fax: +679 323 1528
Email: interloan(at)

Borrowing books

To borrow library books you must have a valid USP ID staff card for the current semester. You will not be able to borrow books without this card.

To validate your card, please bring it to the library Issues Desk. We will update your library patron record and assign you a barcode.

Staff may borrow up to 10 books at one time, for one month at a time.

If you wish to renew your books, please bring them and your ID card to the Issues Desk. We cannot renew your books electronically or over the phone.

Borrowers are responsible for returning their books on time and in good condition. The fine for overdue books is 50 vatu/day. If you lose a library book, you will have to pay to replace the book as well as a processing fee.

Using library databases

USP subscribes to many online databases to assist you in your research. Detailed instructions for using these databases are available here.

If you have questions about using USP's databases, please contact the librarian.

Performing research

Online guides for undertaking research in particular subjects are available here. Each LibGuide explains the research process and provides lists and links of materials that will be especially useful for research.

If at any time you have questions about performing research, please contact the Emalus librarian or the staff at the library Issues Desk.

Printing and photocopying


The library has one public printer, which offers printing in black-and-white (the default) and in colour. Printing charges are:

Black and white: 10 vatu/page
Colour: 50 vatu/page

To use the library printer, or any other printer on campus, you must create a Papercut account with the Emalus ITS office. Once you have a Papercut account, you can top it up at the Finance office. The library cannot add money to your Papercut account.


The library has two black-and-white photocopiers. The cost for photocopying is 10 vatu/page.

To use the photocopiers you must first create a PIN code at the library Issues Desk. Use a number that you will remember! Enter this code on the number pad next to the photocopier to activate.

To add money to your photocopy account, notify the Issues Desk and we will issue an invoice to your department for reimbursement.

Special collections

Reserve collection

Instructors have the option to place prescribed and recommended course materials on reserve at the Emalus library. To place selected library materials on Reserve, staff should fill out the blue Reserve cards available at the Issues Desk and give them to Sylvie Tapasei.

The reserve collection is kept at the Issues Desk area and organized by call number. You may borrow one reserve item at a time. Check here for the current reserve collection or check the printed list at the Issues Desk.

Items on reserve may be borrowed for 2 hours at a time. The fine for overdue reserve items is 200 vatu/hour. If the instructor gives permission, reserve materials may be borrowed overnight. Overnight loans take place after 8:30 pm. These items must be returned by 8:30 am the following day.

The Library also maintains a permanent reserve collection whose contents does not change by semester. These items are kept in the Library workroom. Please ask at the Issues Desk to view items on permanent reserve. Check here for a list of items in the permanent reserve collection.

Vanuatu collection

The Emalus campus library maintains a closed collection of printed materials about Vanuatu. This collection is kept in the library workroom and may only be accessed by permission. Items in the Vanuatu collection may only be checked out for 2 hours at a time and must not leave the library.

Check here to browse the items in the Vanuatu collection.


The following newspapers are available at the Issues Desk:

Previous issues of these and other newspapers are kept in the library workroom. Please contact a member of library staff if you wish to examine the newspaper collection.

A valid ID is required to borrow newspapers.


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