USP Vehicle Insurance Policy - Assurance and Compliance

USP Vehicle Insurance Policy


USP purchased a central ‘Vehicle Insurance Policy’ for all campuses administered by the Risk and Insurance Unit located: Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji. Campuses must comply with the Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures for the safe operation and management of University owned Vehicles for all campuses.

*Note: The General Insurance Policy document does not include all the Insurance terms, conditions, limits, etc. Please contact the Risk and Insurance Unit if you have any queries or require additional detailed information.

Managing your Risks - Examples:

USP-Owned Vehicles Policy

Document includes: policies, responsibilities and procedures to ensure USP Vehicles are properly managed, roadworthy, insured and maintained such as: Driving on University Business, Procedures insuring your USP Vehicle, Responsibilities/Duties assigned to: Staff delegated ‘Responsibility for Vehicles’ and USP Approved Drivers etc.

Insurance Policy – Important points 
(As per Policy Terms, Conditions and USP Policies)

USP-Owned Vehicles must be insured. Procedures to include or remove a USP Owned Vehicle from the insurance schedule: Refer to USP Owned Vehicles Policy; Section ‘Insurance’.

USP owned Vehicles, including trailers and vehicular equipment of every kind and description, including accessories, tools and spare parts.

Highlighted Events Insured:

Highlighted Exclusions:


Reporting Vehicle Accidents/Damage 
[USP Owned Vehicles and Rentals (Rented by USP on University business)]

*IMPORTANT* Driver should not jeopardize the university's position in regards to its insurance by admitting fault or liability, nor should any reimbursement be offered or made under any circumstances. Refer to: Procedures Reporting Accidents/Damage.


USP vehicles. Click here to view your report.

Documents, Policies, Procedures, forms


Policies (USP and Insurance)

Application forms

USP Vehicles - Forms

Accidents / damage









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