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Tejal Khatri

Name: Tejal Khatri

Country: Fiji

Programme: BComm Accounting and Finance


What was your programme of study at USP?
Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Accounting and Finance

How has the university contributed towards your desired profession?
The university has provided me with adequate skills and knowledge to be able to undertake my professional duties diligently. Providing me with the utmost confidence and strength to be able to tackle and join the work force. Moreover, it also provided  me  with an opportunity to further discuss with professors and peers the challenges associated with my desired profession and how I can be better prepared to enter my profession.

What are the three most valuable lessons you learnt about life while being a student?
I learnt that the hard yards you put in daily really pay off in the end
- In-addition, the support of your family and friends is crucial to keep you sane throughout your university years
-Tertiary education is a pillar that makes one independent and essential in paving the path to success

What were some of the challenges you faced?
At times it was extremely difficult to balance studies, friends, life and focus to ensure I did justice to my studies

How did you overcome those challenges?
I learnt to prioritize and focus and once I got that balance right it all just fell into place.
What were your ingredients to being a successful graduate?
Determination, commitment, sacrifice and strong will power.

What did you do in your leisure time after classes?
I would do the usual stuff every uni student loves to do, whether it was to hang out with friends at the white tables or the bures  or catch a movie, mainly just relax and have those fun times with friends, which I still hold very close to my heart.

What inspired you and how?
My parents and their dreams of seeing me excel and being independent was my driving force each day and I worked hard each day to ensure that their dream became a reality.

What is a word of advice you would like to give to aspiring graduates?
Study hard, stay committed and and enjoy your university days, they are some of the best years of your life and memories you shall cherish forever!



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