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Welcome to the travel policy pages of the insurance site.

What is this policy?

It is a single corporate travel insurance policy for all campuses. It covers travel outside of your home country or country of residence while on USP approved business. The policy is administered by the Risk and Insurance Unit at Laucala Campus.  The policy provides travel insurance for staff and Council members. Registered students can also be covered for some things.

What is covered under the policy?

The policy has complex terms and conditions. So we’ve tried to make the key elements much clearer for the university community. You’ll find the following documents on the site to help you:

Travel Card: USP staff is to collect the travel card from HR or HR approved business office representative and return the card when returning from the trip.

Who is covered under the policy?  These tables give a simple, high level summary. If you have someone who may be in a different category, please contact the Risk and insurance Unit for assistance.

Table: Who is covered under this Policy?

USP Staff

Travel Insurance

All USP employees  

Employees are automatically covered by this policy (as per terms, conditions etc.) when their travel/trip is approved as USP business and eligible for cover. (Travellers can verify with HR if their trip is eligible for cover).

Reminder: Collect your travel card from HR as noted above.

Note: If your ticket is not arranged/paid by USP, forward a copy of your travel details to Risk/Insurance Unit. This information is required to declare to the insurance company and for our files.


Non-Staff Category

USP Department assisting  travellers

Travel Insurance

Council & Council Committee Members

Council Secretariat.

USP department will confirm coverage with the Risk/Insurance Unit.

USP-registered outbound exchange students

International Office.

Registered students (Research, other events)

Students’ Research Officer, Supervisor or Coordinator.

The Risk and Insurance Unit will advise the level of insurance cover once the online travel forms are completed. See the links box below for the forms you need to complete.

Associates (Oceanic Centre)

Supervisor or staff coordinating the trip.

What do I do in the event of a claim?

All claims are handled by the Risk and Insurance Unit.  Please send all required documents to the Unit to process the claim. The processes are outlined in the brochure and the summary document mentioned above.

The travel roadshows.

We arrange travel awareness roadshows annually. They’re announced via all staff emails and invitations. If you want a roadshow for your staff, please contact us at ac(at)

Table: Travel documents (Corporate travel insurance: Summary: policy/procedures, tips and forms)

Policy and Procedures

Travel tips and FAQ

Forms non-staff (i.e. Students)

Updated: 31-December-2016


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