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Residential Halls - Accommodation Bookings and Residential Charges - 2015

27 Jan. 2015

This is a reminder about booking of rooms at the residential halls. If you are seeking to stay on campus you should request and submit the required forms as soon as possible. We are allocating on a first-come, first-served basis. We will not allow students to the halls if they have not booked. Priority for booking will be given to those who intend to stay for a semester or more. Additionally, later in February, all matters pertaining to residential halls will be the responsibility of Ridley Magmui, the new Campus Life Officer.

We remind students further of the new residential charges and changes to the students residence policies for 2015 onward.

Changes to the Student HOR Policies

The University has decided to exclude the meal services from the residential charges and will now only be invoicing students for accommodation. Therefore, students will now have the option of purchasing their meals directly from the dining hall, canteen or other preferred outlets. Because we want to fill all rooms, students moving to campus will be required to make a commitment to stay for not less than a semester. This is to give priority to those seeking to stay longer on campus.

Please note that in the University Calender & Handbook for this year, the residential charges still includes the meal charges. However, students are only required to pay for the accommodation portion, which are as follows:

Single Quarters Small


145,950 vatu/semester (291,900 vatu/academic year)

Married Quarters

216,300 vatu/semester (432,600 vatu/academic year)

For sponsored students, if their sponsors have paid both the accommodation and meal services to the University, Finance will reimburse the meal payment directly to the student allowing him or her to purchase their own meals. We will also advise the sponsors of the changes and request will also be made to the sponsors to pay the meal allowance directly to the student bank accounts in the future.

New Residential Charges

As per the USP Handbook & Calender for year 2015, the residential charges for HOR per academic year has increased by 5%. This increase has been implemented to provide better accommodation services to students in terms of improved facilities.

Please contact Senior Accounts Clerk Leipakoa Alick if you require any clarification.

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