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Talofa and Welcome to Tuvalu Campus !


The Tuvalu Campus is located within the capital Funafuti.

OHS consultation is an essential platform to raise , discuss and address health and safety issues on campus between staff , students and management.

This clearly stated within the USP OHS Policy.

The campus director is overall responsible for the health,safety and well being of the campus.

The campus OHS committee will meet regularly to discuss health , safety and well being issues affecting staff and students in this campus .

In 2015 the main projects for the Tuvalu OHS committee is to

  • Enhance the fire protection capacity of campus buildings
  • Enhance the campus emergency manual and ensuring all staff and students are aware of these procedures
  • Initiate availability of First Aid Kits and First Aid Training for Staff and Students
  • Implement regular inspections for hazards and clean up of campus area and spaces in the aim of making these areas safer
  • Promote healthy spaces and practices to staff and students to enhance their personal well being

Tuvalu OHS Committee

  • Chairperson - Elekana Manase
  • Management Rep - Dr. Rosiana Lagi
  • Staff Rep - Luka Salevao and Ioane Kennedy

See -> USP OHS Policy & Procedures

Emergency Management

Emergency Management 

Emergencies include any of the following incidents that may affect the Funafuti campus and or its occupants 

  • Fire 
  • Medical emergencies eg. injury or illness 
  • Earthquake 
  • Tsunami 
  • Cyclone / Storms 

It is important to CALL FOR HELP whenever you are faced with an emergency.


The Phone Numbers to Funafuti USP Campus is : 20704 or 20811

Emergency Procedure 


  1. Shout Fire and tell everyone to move out of the building 
  2. Evacuate out of the building and move to designated emergency assembly area across the road at the grounds close to the roundabout to Government Form 7 classroom buildings.
  3. If you know how to use fire extinguisher and the fire is small use it.Otherwise evacuate to the emergency assembly area
  4. Do Not Re Enter the building until the ALL CLEAR is given by fire and police officers to do so.

See - > Tuvalu Campus Emergency Assembly Area for Fire

In Funafuti Fire Emergency Response Services is provided by the Tuvalu Police Force and the only fire tender vehicles on the island are stationed with the nearby Funafuti international airport.

How to Use Fire Fighting Equipment -> Fire Extinguisher / Fire Blanket

Medical Emergency Procedure

In the event of a Injury or life threatening medical condition affecting a staff or student within the campus area , CALL FOR HELP !

  1. Contact Administration Office and seek First Aid attention from designated first Aiders on campus.
  2. All injured or ill persons must be taken as soon as possible for definitive treatment to the Princess Margaret Hospital located nearby.


 See -> First Aid in the Workplace / First Aid Primary Procedure


In the event of a Tsunami Evacuation being issued or a large earthquake being felt in the campus .

  1. All Staff and Students must evacuate to the nearest high rise building , in this case the upper floor levels of the Princess Margaret Hospital or the Nauti Primary School , and remain there until the ALL CLEAR is given by Tuvalu Disaster Management Officers.
  2. Do not go close to coastal areas , even if your home is located close to the coast.

See -> Tuvalu Campus Tsunami Evacuation Procedure & Evacuation Site

Cyclones & Storms 

In the event of cyclone or severe storm affecting the island of Funafuti , STAY AT HOME , only come to work or study on campus when weather conditions are calm and there is no threat to your safety.

Stay tuned to your radio for regular updates and messages that maybe issued from the campus director.

See -> Tuvalu Campus Security & Safety Plan  


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