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International Women’s Day Celebration

The United Nations theme ‘I am generation Equality,’ driving hard on Women’s Day Campaign theme ‘Each for Equality,’ gave a thought provoking insight to the young women at Labasa Campus.

“We can start small,” said the Lautoka Campus Director to the young women at the Motivational Address on this special day. She emphasized how small actions can have bigger impact larger than life.

She also delved about creating a personal brand and continuosly assessing ones progress on a yearly basis.

The Lautoka Campus Director reminded young women to have personal goals and educate oneself. Dr Pramila also spoke on the theme of the International Women’s Day, “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights". She emphasized on how far women have come along to make it a forum to assert gender equality. Today as Women were gathered in numbers at the Civic

Centre from around Labasa to celebrate this day, Dr Pramila reflected how 30 years ago she was a youth activist who championed the idea of rural women coming together to showcase their talents and ideas. She reminded students and staff that it is in sharing ideas, one benefits and becomes empowered while empowering the others.

Dr. Pramila concluded with reiterating on the importance of students staying focused both academically and holistically.

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