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Desktop Services offers automated computer support using the latest technology updates your computer software, helps to ensure security, and provisions software and tools when you need them.


Allocations & Budget Forecast

Allocations & Budget Forecast

Computer Specifications & User Groupings

  • All annual PC, laptop & tablet specifications will be determined by IT Services in consultations with Head of Departments and Faculties.
  • Specifications requested within the academic year that are outside the approved USP standard will require approval by the Director IT Services
  • Groupings of users/computer labs to specific computer specifications will be determined by IT Services in consultation with departments and faculties:

Standard User

  • Academics, Professional Support Staff, General Computer Labs, Secretaries, Personal Assistants
  • Office Administration, Tutors

High End Users

  •  SMT, Postgraduate Computer Labs, REACT PC's, Banner Operators, Teaching Computer Labs , Lecture Theatre Computers, Deans & Associate Deans, Professional Mathematical, Financial & Statistical staff

2015 – 2019 Computer Replacement details

  • The following table summarizes the PC replacement requirements for the University for the next 5 years with estimate costings for each year.
  • Costs for a laptop and a PC is estimated at FJD$2300.00
  • PC's allocated are for replacement purposes only
  • New staff recruited to vacant positions will resume responsibilities to ICT resources allocated to the position


Student Labs



Estimate Costs


























New University Established Positions:

All new positions established by the University will require new funding allocated to facilitate IT requirements. The table below summarizes a new position's ICT requirements and estimated costs:



Estimated Costs


Standard (i5)


Telephone Handset & Cabling

Analogue Handset

Digital Handset



Office Network Connectivity

Case 1

Existing network port in office and depending on user seating distance from network port

2m cable or 10m Cable

Case 2

No network port in office and depending on seating distance from network port

60m Cable from network cabinet

2m cable or 10m Cable

Wall Jacks x 4

2 Port Face Plate

Mounting block

Case 3

New or renovated building/PC Access or WIFI




FJD$14.00 or FJD$35.00





FJD$14.00 or FJD$35.00

FJD$17.00 x 4




Project based funding

New PC Requirements within the Year

Requirements for additional purchase of computers within the academic year in addition to planned annual computer requirements will require its own funding and approval signature on the order by the Director IT Services

USP Staff Resignation

All ICT resources allocated to a staff member who has resigned will be included onto the release forms for verification and re-allocation. These include PC's, laptops, tablets, phones (mobile & handsets)

Student PC Allocation - Campus New Computer Lab

Annual Student PC allocations will not cover for new computer labs developed in campuses. These are deemed project based requirements and should be planned for and procured within the project.

Student PC Allocation - Student to PC Access Ratio

Annual Student PC allocations will not cover for new computer labs developed in campuses. These are deemed project based requirements and should be planned for and procured within the project.

Student PC Allocation - Student to PC Access Ratio

1.          Student PC allocations per campus will prioritize distribution to cover use of existing spaces in computer access areas to improve student access ratios.

2.          The university currently expects a standard computer access ratio between student and computers to be approximately 11. While the University's total access ratio for students is approximately 12, access ratios varies amongst the different campuses with much needed additional access for:

  • Solomon islands (24.42) – Needs space for additional 90 computers to reduce access ratio to 15
  • Tonga (16.22)  - Needs space for additional 5 computers to reduce access ratio to 15
  • Lautoka (17.68)  - Needs space for 15 computers to reduce access ratio to 15

Regional Campus Computer Acquisitions:

Computer's planned for purchase for regional campuses will have the following purchase criteria's:

1.          Preference will be allocated to approved suppliers from Laucala Campus, Fiji

·          Total cost for computer's to regional campuses will also include:

  1. initial shipping costs
  2. Duty costs
  3. Taxes

2.          Purchase from local campus computer distributors will be considered if:

  • Vendor is vetted
  • Computer specifications and warranty standards are adhered to
  • Costs for the Computer and its support is competitive in comparison to total costs for purchasing computer's from Fiji  which includes shipping, duty, taxes and support costs

Computer Replacements before Warranty Due Date

Departments & users seeking to replace their computers within the warranty period will need to meet the following conditions:


  1. Computer model has been verified with manufacturer defects
  2. User computer use requirements has changed and replaced computer is to be re-used purposefully elsewhere within the department


Computer Movement or Re-Allocations

All computers that need to be moved will require a request to the IT Helpdesk who will generate a job ticket and an approval for relocation from the Director IT Services. This is to verify:

  1. Asset ownership
  2. Inventory accuracy

 Alternative Access Schemes:

Given the costs of maintaining PC's, recommendations are being made to reduce the need to purchase PC's and consider alternative access means for staff and students.

 IT Services Recommendations

  • IT Services recommends that the University prepare computer labs with wireless and wired access facilities
  • IT Services recommends maintaining all teaching computer labs with an expected student/PC ratio of 12
  • 2015 - IT Services recommends B above, purchase of 50 laptops and extending wireless to all postgraduate labs for 2015. Laptops will be distributed from the campus libraries.
  • 2016 - IT Services recommends B above, purchase laptops for full time Postgraduate Research Students along with support and maintenance of 2015 laptop program. Available spaces will be provisioned for laptop, wireless and wired access in postgraduate rooms and the campus Libraries
  • 2017 - IT Services recommends purchase of a laptop be included in non-research full time student fees distributed over the study semesters along with the 2016 laptop program.
  • 2018 – USP maintains the 2015, 2016 and 2017  laptop program for full time and part time students

Management Procedure

Management Procedure

Management Procedure

Computer Replacement Planning

  • USP Computer replacement will be a cyclic 5 year plan detailing estimated computer numbers and costs for replacement
  • Annual PC & laptop specifications will be determined by IT Services in consultation with Head of Departments and Faculties
  • Annual PC and laptop replacement numbers will be finalized by IT Services
  • All annual approved computer budgets will be directed to IT Services for procurement, delivery and installation

Computer Replacement Criteria

Warranty – PC Replacement

  • Any computer lab or staff PC that have expired its support warranty status is deemed “to be replaced”.
  • USP is currently purchasing PC’s with 5 years support warranty and PCs whose warranty has expired is planned for replacement the following year.

Space & Student to PC Ratio - New Computer Labs

  • USP has a target access ratio of 11 for the number of students to a PC. While USP has a current access ratio of 12, these however vary significantly per campus.
  • IT Services recommendations for new PC allocation are also based on available space and a consistent access ratio per campus.

Specific PC Hardware Requirements

  • IT Services will recommend for PC replacements if the usage category for a specific computer lab has changed
  • Requirements from labs that are outside the scope of specifications has to be assessed by IT Services

Computer Procurement

  • Procurement of PC and laptops will not be limited to a single vendor or brand and IT Services reserves the right to seek competitive specifications and prices from other vendors
  • If required, a tender process will initiated to draw competitive prices and streamline support functions
  • Computer procurement for USP will be done quarterly per year with bundled purchases in:
    • January
    • July
    • November


  • Departments seeking to purchase computers will need to generate listing for purchases which will then be checked and approved by IT Services with conformance to USP computer inventory and processes to procure:
    • Replacement PC’s
    • New position PC’s

 Computer Imaging

  • IT Services has been mandated to build all desktop images to enhance support and availability of the PC’s
  • IT Services currently has images for all available USP desktop’s and will ensure building of standard images annually for all approved desktops on the 5 year replacement plan.
  • IT Services desktop replacement plan includes working with vendors/manufacturers to build USP custom desktop images that are ready installed on the PC’s upon purchase.
  • While the image is standard, users requiring additional special applications will adhere to a profile based desktop management system that will deploy required non-standard applications

 ICT Equipment Inventory

  • Inventory for all ICT equipment’s at USP is currently done by the USP Finance and IT Services department.
  • IT Services is mandated to use its selected inventory application to capture all ICT equipment’s that are established formally to the University network. The inventory system will capture:
    • PC’s/Laptops/Mobile (Asset name, asset type, hardware config’s (OS, disk space,..)
    • SNMP enabled devices on the USP network (MFD’s, Routers & Switches, Access points, firewalls, IP enabled AV Asset’s)
    • Software installed on all systems
    • Application licenses
    • Purchase & warranty details
    • Equipment history


  • Automated inventory applications do not capture equipment purchase details and warranty details and IT Services will work with the USP Finance department to automate capture of purchase and warranty information onto the inventory system. Currently it is being done manually.
  • IT Services will work with USP Finance department to ensure that all ICT equipment’s procured have an asset tag smartly glued onto the device
  • IT Services will work with USP Finance department to ensure that all ICT equipment’s procured are properly named and labelled with a bar code reference to the inventory system


ICT Equipment Naming Convention

All ICT assets procured will be named in adherence to IT standard naming convention that identifies the device and its location. The naming convention will be determined by IT Services with conformance to the USP Asset process.

ICT Equipment Disposal

It is the responsibility of USP’s IT department along with the Finance department to ensure that IT equipment’s are disposed. The following rules must therefore be observed:

  • Obsolete IT Assets: “Obsolete” refers to all ICT equipment’s that have expired its warranty agreement and can no longer meet its required purpose. Identifying and classifying IT assets as obsolete is the responsibility of USP’s IT Services.
  • Reassignment of Retired Assets: Reassignment of computer hardware to a less-critical role is made at the discretion of USP’s IT Services
  • Income Derived from Disposal: Whenever possible, ICT equipment’s deemed obsolete can be sold or auctioned to USP users and the public. All sales must be receipted and submitted to the Finance department.
  • Cannibalization and Assets beyond Reasonable Repair: IT equipment’s deemed obsolete can be cannibalized for working parts that can be put to use within the University. IT Services will inventory and store these parts.
  • Decommissioning of Assets: All hardware slated for disposal by any means must be fully wiped clean of all USP data. USP’s IT department will assume responsibility for decommissioning this equipment a pre-approved disk-sanitizer. In addition, any property tags or identifying labels must also be removed from the retired equipment.
  • Donations: ICT equipment’s that are not assigned for reuse may be donated to USP approved schools, charity, or other non-profit organization. All donation receipts must be submitted to the Finance department

Computer Training

IT Services has the responsibility of training its users on the proper use of assigned computers. Training will cover:

  • Basic use of the computer operating system (OS)
  • Basic care of the hard ware
  • Basic troubleshooting steps
  • Basic use of the USP standard applications
    • Windows Operating systems,
    • MS Office Suite
    • Internet & Email
    • Security
      • Antivirus use,
      • Internet use
      • Email use


  • ICT Support guidelines


Computer Support

All ICT issues will be addressed though the IT Incident and Problem management processes. Briefly all users will need to contact the helpdesk (ext: 32117, helpdesk(at) for assistance where they will be assigned a job ticket with unique number that will be a reference to the issue until it is resolved. Incident and Problem Management process is a service level agreement (SLA) that details:

  • Ticket creation & process rules
  • Ticket priorities & response time frames
  • Ticket escalations
  • Ticket resolution

 Vendor Responsibilities

ICT equipment vendors will be responsible for:

  • Provision of ICT equipment quotations
  • On time delivery of new equipment’s
  • Pick and return of faulty computers from USP’s, IT Services department
  • Support responses within the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Provision of beta/new equipment’s for testing and analysis for use purpose at USP


Desktop Policies & Guidelines

Use of all ICT equipment’s will be guided by the:

  • ICT Acceptable Use Policy
  • Computer Accounts Policy
  • ICT Security policy
  • Energy-Savings Policy
  • End-User backup Policy
  • Asset Disposal Policy
  • ITS Incident & Communications Procedure



Staff & Students

  • Call +679 3232117
    Between 8am - 8:00pm
    Monday to Friday
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