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AUSPS Update March 2015

AUSPS EC extends a warm welcome to all and wishing all a successful 2015. We would like to bring to your attention the following matters:

Teaching Assistants

The review of the terms and conditions of the Teaching Assistant started in late December 2014, and the Consultant has been conducting interviews with various stakeholders including TAs. We are anticipating a positive outcome to the review and once the findings have been made available to the Secretariat, we will inform members accordingly.


The internal USP Job Evaluation Committee has completed evaluating all the benchmark positions and are awaiting the same report from PWC who are conducting an audit on these positions as well. Once the Audit Reports are submitted to the Job Evaluation Oversight Committee which will then meet to signoff and finalize the benchmarks. HR in conjunction with ITS is also developing a JE software which will be used to evaluate the rest of the 100+ positions which were not part of the benchmarks. This will then complete the process of evaluating all Professional Staff positions in the USP. In parallel to this the Salary Structure Working Group will commence work to determine a current market based new salary structure for the Professional Staff. Data being used for the new salary structure is sourced from PWC and other comparator universities both  local and international. AUSPS will continue to put pressure on the Management to see completion of this exercise as soon as possible.

2015 Annual General Meeting

Please mark the 18th of April, 2015 for the AUSPS AGM. This year in line with the Electoral Decree, the Fijian Elections Office [FEO] will implement the following guidelines to organize AUSPS elections. These guidelines are now used for all trade union elections. The guidelines stated in specify the minimum standards set by the FEO. Our 2015 AUSPS elections will be organized in accordance with the AUSPS constitution, however the FEO will incorporate the above guidelines into the process while conducting the elections.

The Secretariat will also seek information from members soon to compile the final voter list information in accordance with the requirements of the FEO [see attached format].  Further details about the AGM will be sent in another communication.

QBE Medical Insurance

In regards to the QBE Medical Insurance, please find below comments from MARSH:

         QBE has advised all their service providers (Doctors/Pharmacies) to continue to accept the 2014 cards for USP staff until 15th March and hopefully by then, all the 2015 cards would be issued.

         All providers have been advised that the $5.00 Excess is not to be charged.

         List of members on family cover has been circulated to the Providers (with the exception of recent payments last few days).

         Members who have paid the extension premium last week and are not included in the listing referred to in point 2 above are required to pay for the relevant services (G.P Consult and Pharmaceuticals) and seek reimbursement from QBE.

         Printing of all pending cards (approx. 300) to be finalized prior to 15th March 2015, MARSH is waiting for a few D.O.B details and photo I.Ds.

Items for discussion in the next AUSPS/MGT Quarterly meeting

         Excessive heat in rooms which is both a health and safety hazard.

         Academic and Faculty-based professional applications for staff review deferred from November 2014 affecting staff.

         Staff recruitment especially at TA and AL levels.

         Medical Insurance logistics.

         Excess FNPF contribution by USP.

The Secretariat will provide details on other matters and also the ones mentioned above once further information is available.

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