Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

A Taste of the Chinese Lantern Festival

Learning to make Yuanxiao

Yuqing Luo

To celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival, the Confucius Institute (CI) in USP Emalus campus has invited a professional Chinese chef to teach the making of traditional festival food: Yuanxiao (glutinous sweet dumplings). For most visitors, it was their first time to experience the making of Yuanxiao, or any Chinese food. They were amazed at how the glutinous rice flour can be made into balls with filling inside. But after following simple instructions, most of them succeeded in making their own Yuanxiao.

This was followed by the best-loved part of the activity: Yuanxiao tasting. The cooked Yuanxiao floating on boiling water looked white and chubby. Decorated with some red wolfberry fruits, bowls of Yuanxiao were soon finished by the people who made them. Glutinous rice flour is not a common ingredient at the Ni-Vanuatu dinner table, but most people seem to enjoy it. Different as we are in our food, our skin color, and many other ways, the common love of life will stick us closely together just like the glutinous rice flour.

Yuanxiao is a symbol of family reunion and happiness in Chinese culture. The sharing of Yuanxiao also includes the best wishes from CI to all the students and staff at USP for a happy and prosperous new semester.

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