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Engineering and Physics

Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks Research Laboratory


The Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks Research Laboratory (ESSRL) is part of the School of Engineering and Physics (SEP) of the University of the South Pacific (USP). The research group was established in 2012 and the ESSRL is located at Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji. The ESSRL focuses on the definition of system-level design and optimization methodologies for embedded systems, and sensor networks architectures and applications. The main research lines within the ESSRL activities include, but are not restricted to, the following topics: 

Development of optimization techniques for fault detection in reconfigurable embedded system design and on-chip interconnects.

Hardware-Software co-design and optimization of System-on-Chip platforms.

Development of optimized energy management approaches for wireless system network architectures.

Development of low-level fault modeling for mixed-circuit system design.

Exploration of sensor technologies in modern transport systems.

System Identification and Modeling with Advanced control techniques.

Development of low cost embedded devices for inclusive education facilities.

Design fractional filter on FPAA/FPGA reconfigurable tools.


The main objectives of the ESSRL are to establish research partnerships with other international academic research institutions and to link with other leading researchers, engineers and representatives from academic institutions, manufacturers, industry specialists, and government. 

ESSRL serves as new fundamental initiative to lead to USP novel research using Soft/Hard-Computing and Communication Engineering Tools and Techniques and Scholarly Teaching in new courses for   graduate students. This will also provide an opportunity to conduct research that will be very useful to the long term in the key areas of Embedded Systems, and Sensor Network Technologies. 

ESSRL provides both training and consulting and play innovative marketable value added research and development. In addition, ESSRL helps university graduate students to carry out their thesis research under the co-supervision of leading researchers and faculty members. It also helps the graduate students to update their knowledge of the global state of the art technologies and research advances in embedded systems and sensor networks technologies, which would further help our Research Group tackle new challenges and potential R & D development and compete in sponsored Research Funding.

Research Members             

Associate Professor Assaf H Mansour

Associate Professor Utkal Mehta

Dr. Satyanand Singh (Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Current PhD/Master Students

Ms. Kajal Kothari

Mr. Arishnil Bali

Mr. Nikhil Singh

Mr. Ashwin Chand

Previous Master Students

Mr. Sheikh Izzal Azid

Mr. Amit Kumar

Ms. Janki Patel

Mr. Sunil Narayan


Dr. Biswas Satyen


Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology

Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



Phone: 8870422 ext. 320


Dr. Sunil Das


Troy University

Montgomery, Alabama 36104, USA



Phone: 334-832-7281 


Dr. Rami Abielmona

Vice President of Research & Engineering

Larus Technologies Corp.

Unit 1,58 Antares Drive, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7W6




Phone: 613-244-8916


Dr. Miodrag Bolic

Associate Professor

School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE)

University of Ottawa

161 Louis Pasteur, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5



Web: ~mbolic/

Phone: 613- 562-5800 ext. 6224 


Dr. Voicu Groza


School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE)

University of Ottawa, 800 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5




Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 2159



Journal Articles/Conference Proceedings/Technical Reports/Thesis/Dissertations


M. H. Assaf, E. M. Petiu, and V. Groza, “Ship Track Estimation Using GPS Data and Kalman Filter”, Proc. I²MTC 2018 – IEEE Int. Instrum. Meas. Technol. Conf., Houston, Texas, USA, 14-17 May 2018.


Sharif, Kazi and Islam, Riazul and Haque, Mahbubul and Biswas, Satyendra and Groza, Voicu and Assaf, Mansour, “Low power nMOS based memory cell”, International Conference on  Innovative Mechanisms for Industry Applications (ICIMIA), Bangalore, India, 21-23 February 2017.

Islam, Riazul and Sharif, Kazi and Haque, Mahbubul and Biswas, Satyendra and Das, Sunil and Assaf, Mansour and Petriu, Emil, “A low power dynamic logic with nMOS based resistive keeper circuit”, International Conference on  Innovative Mechanisms for Industry Applications (ICIMIA), Bangalore, India, 21-23 February 2017.

Bali, A. and Mehta, U.: Optimal fuzzy fractional PDμ plus I hybrid controller for powersystems via WOA. Eng Int Syst, vol. 25(2), 2017.

Bali, A. and Mehta, U.: Fuzzy PD+I hybrid controller for load frequency control, Eng Int Syst, vol. 25(2), 2017.

Mehta, U. and Kaya, I: Smith predictor with sliding mode control for processes with large dead times. Journal of Electrical Engineering, vol 68(6), 463-469, 2017.

Mehta U., Lechappe V. and Singh O.: Simple FOPI tuning method for real - order time delay systems. In: Advances in Systems, Control and Automation. Springer, Singapore, pp. 459-468. ISBN 978-981-10-4762-6, 2017.

Mehta, U., Alim, M. and Kumar, S.: Smart Path Guidance Mobile Aid for Visually Disabled Persons. Procedia Computer Science, 105, pp. 52-56. Elsevier, 2017.



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