Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

Update on the PacLII website

7 Apr. 2015

By Lenore Hamilton, Director of PacLII

This is an update on the current situation at PacLII post-Cyclone Pam.

There are two main technical issues currently facing us.

  1. We are experiencing power supply problems that have emerged post-cyclone. It is unclear as yet what is causing these issues and we are trying to contact the electricians who worked on the server room previously but they are in high demand post-cyclone.
  2. The Nawita server, which hosts the PacLII site hosted on Emalus Campus (the .vu site), has been experiencing problems post-cyclone which Wilford Gibson, our Senior IT officer, is currently working on.

Additional technical issues also mean that we are unable to upload new information to the site, at least until the issue with the Nawita server is resolved.

In the meantime please note that the website (albeit not being updated) is still available on the mirror site (the main public website): www.paclii.org.

Given the logistical issues involved and the fact that everyone we need to contact for assistance is already overloaded, we cannot give a firm indication as to when functionality will be fully restored. We are working to try to resolve these matters as quickly as possible and the inconvenience caused is indeed regretted.

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