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Design & Projects Services

The Design & Projects services  is an integral part of the Estates & Infrastructure Department and the University of the South Pacific as a whole. The section is divided into two major categories that is,Designs & Project Management, which majorly deals with Capital Projects requested through the Space Form. This section is the steward of Technical Standards in USP. The Section facilitates the planning process of building constructions, carrying out and facilitating design & drafting services, provision of scope and costing; and supporting services during construction phases.

Design & Projects supports the USP's Strategic Goal of Excellence through its provision of services which complies with various National & International Standards. The section ensures USP Buildings comply with various engineering certifications as well.


The Design Team can be engaged in either through the Job Card Request or through the Space Form Application.  

Job Card request includes facilitation of requests from OHS, Asset Management and requests from other Faculties or Departments in USP.  The Job Card request can range from:

Space Form request from Faculties, Departments within USP and around the region.  Space Form request can range from: 




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