Estates & Infrastructure

Estates & Infrastructure

Project Management

Giving USP Better Long-Term Value in Infrastructure Investments by:

  • improving the value of the project outcome by clarifying and satisfying client needs and agreeing on achievable outcomes within the available budget.
  • undertaking consultation and briefing processes by validating functional relationships through a value management approach during project initiation stage to improve the project outcomes, client acceptance and satisfaction.
  • engaging in good co-operation and communication.


We are:

  • delivering a wide range of projects incorporating complex delivery phases through approvals, consultation and procurement in all 12 member countries.
  • managing complex procurement programs and project management and contract delivery processes.

Project Management

The Project Manager

The Project Manager

Primary Objective:

  • To plan, organize and control activities of all the aspects of the project ensuring the project is completed as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks.


Specific Duties

    • Preparation of the project schedule, monitors and maintains the project construction schedule on weekly basis, and provides a monthly progress report for senior management.

    • Assist the estimator in preparation of the project budget, and ensure projects remain with the budget assigned.

    • Monitor the progress of all design drawings, shop drawings and approvals and ensure delivery of design and tender documentation is completed according to industry standards, best practice, building codes, is appropriately signed off of by relevant stakeholders and is completed as planned within the project schedule.

    • Be aware of and actively participate in the University's tender processes for selection of consultants and contractors, and act as the main contact point between internal clients, contractors, the architects, sections of the university and E&I.

    • Ensure the assembly of the job site office is carried out and all site equipment requirements of the clerk of works are provided.

    • Supervise the Clerk of Works to ensure the contractors enforce good construction standards and quality controls.

    • Supervise the Clerk of Works to ensure their reporting requirements are completed as required on a scheduled basis.

    • Inform the consultants and the University Errors, discrepancies or omissions contained within design drawings, technical specification or any other contractual documentation.

    • Ensure completion of and track all independent testing and inspections as required.

    • Raise and discuss relevant issues at the job site meetings. Prepare and issue minutes of all site meetings.

    • Ensure that "as-built "drawings are prepared on an ongoing basis by all trades during the construction period and that final close-outs are issued to USP accordingly.

    • Prepare and approve progress claim certification and take the lead role in any negotiations over variation claims from contractors.

    • Monitor site safety and ensure that the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act are enforced.

    • Ensure that all required municipal council inspections are performed and reports collected in a timely manner for project delivery.

    • Advise and notify clients and stakeholders on project development and legitimate delays.

    • Additionally, the Project Manager E&I will be expected to contribute to USP business case preparation and be well versed with Fiji and the Regional legislation, laws and by-laws.  

Clerk of Works

Clerk of Works


This positions is responsible for monitoring the work of companies who carry out contracts for the University. The key responsibility of this role is to ensure that all contractual tasks are carried out according to the University's standards and specification ensuring that quality control and checks are practiced at all times.


Nature & Scope

The Clerk of Works or site inspector is USP's "Eyes & Ears" on site. The COW oversees the quality and safety of work on a construction site, making sure that building plan and specifications are being followed correctly. The COW also represents the Project Manager on site and instructs the contractor according to the PM's direction.

Duties Include:

  • Performing constant inspections of the work on site and comparing completed work with drawings and specifications.

  • Measuring and sampling building materials to check their quality.

  • Detail any significant event including any serious deficiencies in health or safety performance observed while on site

  • Identifying defects and suggesting ways to correct them

  • Being familiar with legal requirements and building codes of the country where project is grounded.

  • liaising with other construction staff such as contractors, engineers and surveyors.

  • monitoring and reporting progress to the Project Manager.

Project Management Structure

Project Management Structure

Project Reports

Project Reports



Progress Report from the Project Team





Provided below are the Project Management Team project progress reports

FSTE Roof Maintenance - Upper Campus

Geo-spatial Science Laboratory - Marine Campus

Perimeter Fencing - Muanikau Site Gully

Fire Services Upgrade - Statham Campus

Current Projects

Current Projects

These are Projects currently monitored by the Project Management Team






11th Hall Student Accommodation

48 Bedroom Student accommodation

4th May 2016

9th June 2017


Geospatial Science Lab

Construction of New Geospatial Lab

21st April 2017


12th Hall Civil Earth Works

Preparing the foundation for the 400 Bed Student Accommodation

26th October 2016

14th October 2017


New Road the Pony Club Site

New Main Entrance Road Off Queens Elizabeth Drive

23rd January 2017

Project under Construction

Confucius Institute Model C I Project

Major Upgrade to the existing Confucius Institute increasing space capacity

10th July 2017

Project under Construction

For Project Management Related Enquiries Contact:

Naag Padyachi

Project Manager

Ph: +679 32 32658

Email: naag.padyachi(at)


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