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Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy


Welcome to the Worker’s Compensation insurance page of our site. This gives you a brief outline about what this policy covers and why we have it.

Why do we need this Insurance?

We are a responsible employer. We look to protect our employees from accidents that can affect their ability to work. This policy provides compensation to employees when these unfortunate circumstances happen. It forms part of the policies we maintain to protect our staff.


The employee’s role

Worker’s Compensation is a last resort in the event of an accident. It is far more important, however, to protect your own health, safety and welfare each day at work.  The insurance policy will not pay out if you do anything reckless or illegal.

We have health and safety policies and procedures that you must comply with. Please ask your immediate line manager or speak to the Health and Safety team if you are in doubt.

Some of the basic things you should do include:

Properly handling hazardous chemicals.


What does the policy cover?

There are two broad categories: Our legal liability for death or bodily injury.

Our policy covers employees working for USP anywhere in the Pacific Islands. Employees are also covered when they work temporarily in other parts of the world.

How does the cover work?

What are the limits of liability? 

Limit of Liability


1,000,000 FJD for any one employee.

50,000,000 FJD for all employees, annually.

There is no deductible for USP to pay.

Who do I report incidents and claims information to?

Please liaise with our Human Resources’ colleagues if you have a Worker’s Compensation claim. The HR Department handles these claims. This prevents unnecessary disclosures and respects your privacy.

Further investigation is also undertaken by our Occupational Health and Safety team. Where injuries occur, the OHS team handles the information and any referrals required to statutory bodies. This includes, for example, Ministries of Labour.

There are two important things that need to be noted:

Updated: 01-May-2015

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