Repair/Corrective Maintenance Reporting - Estates & Infrastructure

Repair/Corrective Maintenance Reporting

Estates & Infrastructure Automated Help Desk Captures and Logs repair and corrective maintenance requests from staff on campus. 

A job number will be assigned to your request and a notification email will be sent to you.

This system should only be used to log repair & corrective maintenance (including OHS related issues) as defined by the University Building Maintenance Policy.   These works are Non-Chargeable works classified as Routine Works and will be funded by Estates & Infrastructure.


 Please Click Here To Log Your Job Request:                                           

Staff Only: Online Job Request System

Students Only: Please Click Here

For Chargeable Works, classified as Non-Routine Works (New Installations, renovations, quotations),  please refer to Renovations/Non-Routine Works.

For further maintenance related queries please contact the following E & I supervisors

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