Pacific Update 2015 -  School of Economics

Pacific Update 2015: 15-16 July

Theme: "Pacific Development in a Changing Global Economy"

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The Pacific Update Conference is an annual forum for discussing research and analysis relating to contemporary economic and public policy issues in the Pacific. It gathers policymakers, academics, and development partners to discuss the latest economic and social developments in the region.

Wednesday, 15 July and Thursday, July 16, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Japan–Pacific ICT Centre, USP-Laucala Campus, Suva


Official Launch

Pacific Opportunities: Leveraging Asia’s Growth
An ADB-ADBI joint publication

Opening Plenary Session

Regional Economic Outlook: Report based on July 2015 issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor
Christopher Edmonds, Senior Economist, Pacific Department, ADB

Keynote Presentation: Developments on Pacific Labor Mobility
Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Australian National University (ANU)

Parallel Session 1a: Macroeconomic policy

Hard Pegs versus Intermediate Currency Arrangements in the Pacific—with Matthias Helble and Ahmad Prasetyo
Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, ADBI

The Role of Central Bank in Supporting Fiji’s Economic Growth
Ariff Ali , Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of Fiji

Policy Challenges and Responses in the Pacific: A PFTAC Perspective
Scott Roger, Project Coordinator, Pacific Financial and Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC), International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Key Issues in Banking and Finance in the Pacific
Peter Dirou, Senior Financial Sector Expert, Private Sector Development Initiative, ADB

Parallel Session 1b: Agriculture and fisheries

What Do you Want to Know about Pacific Fisheries? Lessons Learnt
Transform Aqorau, CEO, Parties to the Nauru Agreement

The State of the Tropics—What Does it Mean for the Pacific? -with Sandra Harding, Dennis Trewin, and Mark Ziembicki
Ann Penny, Project Manager, State of the Tropics Project, James Cook University

Parallel Session 1c: Gender inequality and development (Roundtable)

Gender based violence: Domestic Violence and its big bite on small island states- Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu - with Sivendra Michael
Charlotte Taylor, Assistant Lecturer, USP

Parallel Session 2a: Development partnerships and assistance

Development Assistance to the Pacific: Trends and Developments - with Matthew Dornan
Jonathan Pryke, Research Officer, Development Policy Centre, ANU

Relative Effectiveness of External Aid and Foreign Direct Investment in the Economic Growth of Pacific Island Countries: A Case Study of Vanuatu - with T.K. Jayaraman and Hong Chen
Markand Bhatt, Assistant Lecturer, USP

Reflections on Aid to the Pacific
Siosiua (Josh) ‘Utoikamanu, Consultant and Former Governor, National Reserve Bank of Tonga and Minister of Finance, Tonga

Parallel Session 2b: Human capital development

Labor Migration and Human Capital Development in Timor-Leste
David Freedman, Country Economist, ADB Timor-Leste Resident Mission

Financing of Technical Education and Training (TVET) in the Pacific
Frank Thompson, First Secretary, Aid Program, Australian High Commission

Expanding TVET in the Pacific
Denise O’Brien, CEO, Australia-Pacific Technical College

Education and Workforce Skills in the Federated States of Micronesia
Paul Vandenberg, Senior Economist, ADBI

Parallel Session 2c: Export niche supply chains

The Efficacy of Export-led Growth among Six Pacific Island Countries -with Baljeet Singh
Sunil Kumar, Senior Lecturer, USP

Pacific DMCs’ Export Linkages
Patricia Sourdin, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University



Parallel Session 3a: Tourism Markets

Tourism Markets in the Pacific
Ilisoni Vuidreketi, CEO, South Pacific Tourism Organization

Achievements and Challenges in Palau’s Tourism Development
Kaleb Udui, Jr., Co-Chairperson, Economic Advisory Group, Republic of Palau and Palau Chamber of Commerce

Observations on Tourism Developments in Micronesia: Lessons for the Greater Pacific Region?
Jerry Finin, Resident Co-director, Pacific Islands Development Program, East-West Center

Major Trends and Priorities in Pacifi c Tourism Development
Christopher Edmonds, Senior Economist, ADB

Parallel Session 3b: Extractive Industries and energy markets

Falling Oil Prices Trigger Initial Economic Gains for Pacific - with Kushneel Prakash
Dibyendu Maiti, Associate Professor, USP

Pacific Islands Fuel Pricing Manual - with Pritanshu Singh
Alan Bartmanovich, Petroleum Adviser, Economics Development Division, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

The Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards (PALS) Programme: Importing Efficiency Instead of Fuel - with Emily McQualter and George Wilkenfeld
Makereta Lomaloma, Energy Efficiency Advisor, SPC

Solomon Islands: State-Owned Enterprise Financial Management Issues
Emmanuel Joseph Iyabora, Lecturer, University of Fiji

Parallel Session 3c: Disaster risk management and climate change

Vanuatu and Cyclone Pam: An Update on Fiscal, Economic, and Development Impacts - with Matthew Dornan
Tess Newton Cain, Visiting Fellow, Development Policy Centre, ANU

Towards A Behavioral Toolkit: Assessment and Disaster Risk Reduction Through Strategic Partnerships in the South Pacific - with Judy Lawry
Linda Brennan, Professor, RMIT University

Impact of Foreign Aid on Natural Disaster Preparedness - with Hong Chen and Gyaneshwar Rao
Baljeet Singh, Lecturer, USP

Assessing Poverty and the Vulnerability of Households in Tuvalu to Disasters
Tauisi Taupo, PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington

Parallel Session 4a: Budget Support  (Roundtable)

Parallel Session 4b: Health sector

Palau Health Insurance System
Gregory Ngirmang, Minister of Health, Palau

Assessment of the Overseas Patient Referral Systems in Four Pacific Islands Countries - with Wayne Irava and Shyamajanaka Mahakalanda
Ronesh Prasad, Economist, Fiji National University

Practical Policy Solutions for Ending Preventable Child Deaths in the Pacific Timor-Leste Region - with Raul Schneider
Nancy Waites, Policy and Advocacy Manager, World Vision

The Economic Costs of Non-Communicable Diseases in the Pacific: Causes, Crisis, and Consequences
Ian Anderson, Director, Ian Anderson Economics

Parallel Session 5a: Long term fiscal planning and modeling (Roundtable)

Parallel Session 5b: Regionalism and trade facilitation

WTO and Regional Institutions: Complementary Institutions for Trade Facilitation
Richard Pomfret, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University and Professor of Economics, University of Adelaide

The Pacific’s Connectivity and Its Trade Implications
Matthias Helble, Research Fellow, ADBI

Foreign Direct Investment's Impacts on Economic Development in Pacific Island Countries: A Revisit - with Baljeet Singh
Hong Chen, Senior Lecturer, USP

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