Seeking Accreditation Visit 1 (SAV1) - WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) Accreditation

Seeking Accreditation Visit 1 (SAV1)

Seeking Accreditation Visit 1

Seeking Accreditation Visit 1 (SAV1)

The University will host the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) Seeking Accreditation Visit 1 (SAV1) from 11 to 13 April, 2018 at USP Laucala Campus. The SAV1 will be conducted by a team consisting of six WSCUC peer reviewers and the WSCUC Staff Liaison and Vice-President, Dr. Maureen Maloney.

The SAV1 Team will meet with various groups of people including the Chair of Council, the Council Members, Members of the Senior Management Team, Associate Deans, Heads of Schools, Heads and Directors of Sections and Campuses, academic staff/faculty, professional and Intermediate & Junior (I&J) staff, and students. As part of the Off-Campus Review (campuses that offer 50% or more of a degree programme), one of the SAV1 Team members (Dr. Leah Williams) will visit the USP Emalus Campus on 9 April.

The SAV1 Schedule is being prepared and will be made available as soon as it is finalised by the WSCUC SAV1 Team.

A confidential email account will be created for members of the USP community prior to the SAV1. Students (enrolled in all modes of study), academic staff/faculty, professional and I&J staff at Laucala and regional campuses, members of SMT and USP Council can send their comments to the SAV1 Team before or during the SAV1. The confidential email address will be communicated to the members of the USP community three weeks prior to the visit by the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Learning, Teaching & Student Services, Prof. Richard Coll.

Please email on alo(at) should you require further information on the SAV1.

SAV1 Schedule

SAV Schedule

The SAV1 Schedule is being prepared and will be made available as soon as it is finalised by the WSCUC SAV1 Team.

Institutional Report

Preparation for WSCUC Accreditation and the Write Up of the Institutional Report

The preparation for WSCUC accreditation and the write up of the Institutional Report was overseen by the USP WSCUC Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Teaching & Student Services, DVC LTSS), Professor Richard K. Coll.

After the submission of the Eligibility Application in June, 2015, a series of workshops was undertaken to promote awareness of the forthcoming accreditation process, especially with leaders of academic and non-academic sections at the Laucala Campus. The next step was the establishment of WSCUC Working Groups for each standard of accreditation. These Working Groups comprised members from different sections and campuses of the University depending on the focus of each standard and participants’ expertise. The Working Groups ensured engagement with a broad representation of the University academic staff/faculty and non-academic staff. The ALO and WSCUC Accreditation Project Coordinator (APC), Ms. Sujlesh Sharma, conducted awareness workshops at all USP regional campuses, except for two of the smaller campuses, Niue and Tokelau (4 EFTS & 59 EFTS, respectively in 2016). During the workshops, the ALO and APC acquainted staff, students, members of the Regional Campus Advisory Committees and other stakeholders with an overview of WSCUC accreditation, and the reasons the University was seeking WSCUC accreditation. The workshops also provided opportunity for regional campuses to identify issues that needed to be addressed in order for the University to be prepared for seeking accreditation. Additionally, the workshops sought to ensure that the Institutional Report accurately reflected the status of the regional campuses.

The ALO and the APC conducted regular meetings with each Working Group. At the outset, the Working Groups carried out a preliminary gap analysis using the Review under the WSCUC Standards and Compliance with Federal Requirements Worksheet. This high-level gap analysis facilitated an understanding of USPs status, its strengths, issues and areas needing further development in relation to each Standard and CFR. In conjunction with this, the Working Groups engaged with each CFR and reached a common understanding of the CFR, identified potential supporting evidence, agreed on the current status of the University with respect to each CFR, and identified action needed to address issues any areas needing further development under each CFR.

The WSCUC Vice-President, Dr. Maureen Maloney, visited the University from 11 to 14 October, 2016, and Professor Keith Roberts, a Fulbright Specialist, visited the University from 21 March to 29 April, 2017. Reports from the Working Groups, visits to regional campuses, and the visits from Dr. Maloney and Professor Roberts were used to inform the WSCUC Steering Committee (University Senior Management Team, SMT,) of the University’s readiness for seeking accreditation, and provide an action plan to address any issues identified, as well as inform the preparation of the Institutional Report. Progress was also regularly reported to the WSCUC Steering Committee, USP Committees such as Teaching Quality Committee (TQC), and the University Senate and Council, which ensured that a wide USP community was kept informed of the developments. These bodies and committees were also used as vehicles to expedite the addressing of identified issues and challenges. Staff members across the campuses were kept informed of the progress and alerted to their respective responsibilities through update meetings conducted by the ALO in Faculties/Colleges, and sections and in relevant contexts such as the Regional Campus Directors Forum and Student Council Meetings.

In November, 2017, the University conducted a Mock Seeking Accreditation Visit (SAV) in order to refine and enhance preparations for the SAV1.

All the above processes informed the preparation and write-up of the Institutional Report, which was submitted to WSCUC on 26 January, 2018.

The Institutional Report is available upon request by emailing on alo(at)

SAV1 Team Bio and Roster

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