Siteri Tikoca - Institute of Applied Science

MSc: Siteri Tikoca

Thesis TitleDiversity and Community Structure of Macro-moths (Lepidoptera) in forest habitats 

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Gilian Brodie

Status: Completed

Thesis Abstract:


The aim of this project is to study how macro-moth diversity and distributional patterns are influenced by habitat types and seasonality.  Preliminary collection of macro-moths was carried out using three different light trap methods.  After an evaluation of these three methods mercury vapour light traps were identified as being the most successful at capturing a high diversity of species.  This method will be used for the next stage of the project which aims to measure  the diversity of macro-moth fauna across three habitat types;  native forest, exotic forest and mixed forest, all occurring at elevations below 400m.  Sampling will also be carried out across the wet and dry seasons, to identify the influence of seasonality on macro-moth diversity.



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