AUSPS Update August 2015 -  Association of The University of the South Pacific

AUSPS Update August 2015

We would like to bring to your attention the following updates.

         Staff Housing

Earlier, we had received numerous concerns from staff in regards to the Staff Housing. Thus AUSPS EC met with USP management (MGT) last week and informed the MGT of the issues facing staff especially with respect to the maids quarters and the eviction notices given to some staff. MGT agreed to hold a forum soon to discuss the above issues with all concerned staff.

         Review of Teaching Assistants

The report on the review of the Teaching Assistants has been given to the AUSPS EC. Key issues highlighted in the report were equitable workload across the USP for all TAs, terms and conditions to include conference leave provisions, and a competitive market based salary structure. The above issues were discussed with MGT and work is in progress in terms of negotiating the recommendations of the report.

         Professional Staff Salaries

With all benchmark positions now completed, USP MGT has now agreed to start work on a new salary structure for the Professional Staff to be finalized by the end of this year. A new salary structure should be in place starting 1st January, 2016. AUSPS EC and MGT representatives will now commence work to determine a current market based new salary structure for the Professional Staff. As we had alluded earlier, the data being used for the new salary structure will be sourced from PWC and other comparator universities both  local and international.

         Senate Elections

Several staff members who are members of AUSPS have been nominated to be part of the five Non-professorial Academic staff to the University senate. You may have received correspondence and the ballot papers for the senate elections by now. We encourage all to fully participate in the Election process and support our colleagues.

         AUSPS Moodle shell

The Moodle team is currently working on setting up a Moodle shell for AUSPS members which we will be using shortly to discuss issues with all members. We will also use this Moodle shell to conduct any surveys in future if the need arises. All members will be allowed to interact with any other AUSPS member.

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