Ethelwyn AITCHESON-VAREA - Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)

CFL Staff


Present position:
Electronic Publisher

Section: Learning Experience Design & Development

Contact details:
Location: TEDFuturesHUB, Laucala Campus
Tel: (+679) 323 2792, Fax: (+679) 323 1417
Email: ethelwyn.varea(at)

Ethelwyn Aitcheson-Varea is an Electronic Publisher for Pacific Technical and Further Education based at the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL). Her work encompasses managing a portfolio of unrevised flexible learning materials for USP students. She is part of the REACT (Remote Education and Conferencing Tool) team. Ethelwyn has been the voice for several readings for courses offered at USP to enable inclusive learning for students who are auditory style learners. As part of the professional development programme with the Multimedia team, she has gained some experience in the area of audio production. She has also been part of several Moodle workshops that CFL has offered to the staff and students at USP.

Having worked for the private sector for many years, she has gained extensive experience in change management, human resources, finance and team building by holding senior executive and administrative positions. Her interests are in Management & Public Administration, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.

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