Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)

CFL Staff

BA (S.Pac)

Present position:
Education Technologist

Section: Learning Design & Development Team

Contact details:
Location: Level 3, Communications Building, Laucala Campus
Tel: (+679) 323 2275, Fax: (+679) 323 1417
Email: ralph.buadromo(at)usp.ac.fj

Ralph Buadromo is an Education Technologist with the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL), prior to this he was a Technician (IT) for 3 years for The USPís Faculty of Science technology and Environment. Before joining USP he was an Assistant Systems Administrator at the Housing Authority responsible for systems issues in all remote sites around Fiji, and worked at the authority for over 4 years. He holds a BA degree in Information Systems and Banking/Finance from the USP and is currently pursuing a PGdip in Information Systems. He is part of the Programme Design and Development responsible for designing print based and online learning materials. His interests lie in interactive and collaborative technologies to encourage student engagement. In his spare time he loves watching movies, reading and socializing around a tanoa with family and friends.