Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)
May 4, 2011 11:07 Age: 7 yrs

Foundation and preliminary students and tutors at USP Tonga Campus participate in Moodle Training

Tutors at the Moodle training held at USP Tonga Campus

The Moodle training for Foundation and Preliminary Students and Tutors was held at the Tonga campus from 15 to 17 February 2011. The training was an initiative by the College of Foundation Studies as part of its support plan for Foundation and Preliminary regional students and two staff from the College, Katarina Foliaki and Mohammed Hussein, who are based at the Centre for Flexible and Distance Learning, facilitated the training.  The aim of the training was to orientate students and tutors on how to use Moodle so that they would be able to participate fully in their online courses.

About 90 new students participated in the programme. Most of these students just came out of secondary schools and have never heard of Moodle before. Some of activities that they enjoyed during the workshop were creating their user profiles, uploading their assignments online and participating in a forum discussion with their colleagues. 

The training sessions for the tutors were conducted in the evenings as most of them were full time workers in other organisations. Similarly, many of them were new to Moodle so the workshop was tailored to take this into account. Some of the highlights of the training include discussing the benefits of online learning and teaching, participating in a forum discussion, designing an assignment in Moodle, accessing studentsí assignments and grading some of these assignments online.

It was a learning experience enjoyed by both the participants and the facilitators. The facilitators would like to thank those who have helped in making this training possible especially the former Director of the College of Foundation Studies, Ms Emily Moala Pouvalu.