Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)
November 15, 2016 14:55 Age: 1 year

Moodle Moot Australia 2016

Image Source: https://youtu.be/GEv0vW4dtG4 (CC BY)

Moodle Moot AU 2016 was held in Perth, Australia from 27 – 29 September.  The Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) was represented by Jane Kanas, Pranil Prabhakar and Mohammed Hussein from the Learning Design and Development Team with the Acting Director CFL, Dhiraj Bhartu and Sanjeet Chand representing the Learning Systems Team.  Kanas, Prabhakar and Hussein delivered a presentation on Thinking "Quality" in Online Courses at the University of the South Pacific. The presentation was well received by the participants and there were some questions on the Standards that were being used to quality check USP courses.  The keynote address was presented by Martin Dougiamas who spoke on the “The New Moodle”, an insight from the beginnings of Moodle to the new 3.1 version. USP is expecting to move to the new version of Moodle in the near future and the Moot provided valuable information and lessons for the CFL team.

Other interesting papers presented at the Moot included Making Moodle Offline and Mobile: Making the Connection which was a paper by the University of Southern Queensland that looked at online learning within an incarcerated population. Moodle Mobile learning features was presented by Pau Ferrer from Moodle HQ which pointed to the future of online learning being more accessible on mobile devices.  More information on Moodle Moot AU 2016 can be obtained from https://mootau.moodlemoot.org/course/view.php?id=62