Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)
May 15, 2019 12:52 Age: 62 days

Celebrating World Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) Day

How to harmonise copyright, a more individual based western construct of intellectual property, with other aspects of traditional knowledge, customs, protection of genetic resources in the Pacific, which are group based, is a topic that requires further debate in the University community.

The Copyright Coordinator, Marie Chan said this while delivering a TED Futures Information Seminar to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April 2019. While copyright law allows users to use 10% of a work, or one chapter of a work, whichever is less, or a  reasonable amount in their work, there are exceptions known as ‘fair use’ or ‘fair dealing’. There are also limitations placed on educational institutions such as The University of the South Pacific (USP) by the Fiji Copyright Act. The kind of copyright regime the University should have is also open to debate. Ms. Chan also congratulated the University’s high achievement of recording 9 patents by various members of the University community.

Together with the World Book and Copyright Day, the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day was celebrated on 26 April 2019. To commemorate the significance of both events, the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) organised a number of activities on Laucala Campus during the week, including the launch of a Copyright web page (https://www.usp.ac.fj/copyright) on the Centre for Flexible Learning website. In conjunction with the Library, a theme display on Copyright and Intellectual Property was set-up at the Laucala Campus Library foyer, featuring the 2019 Theme: Sports. The display featured several USP students who have represented their county in sports. Additionally, a Walk-In-session was scheduled for the entire week to answer potential questions from the University community and a bookmark was released to coincide with the two important days.

Theme display at the USP Library, celebrating World Book and Copyright Day and Intellectual Property (IP) Day

The Copyright Coordinator also launched a competition to answer two questions to win a prize. You can win a prize by answering two questions on Copyright available at https://www.usp.ac.fj/copyright. The competition ends on 31 May 2019.