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Name: Kolinio Meo
Country: Fiji
Programme: Diploma in Education (1973), Bachelor of Education (1977)

Why did you choose your field of study? I was a Technical Teacher in secondary school in Fiji and the B Ed degree was the most appropriate one available at that time to advance my knowledge and skills.
Briefly reflect on your student life at USP? As a serving teacher for about 9 years, the programme was very relevant to my profession. I had already completed a Diploma in Education (TVET) from USP in 1973 and pursuing the B Ed was enjoyable and motivating.
Greatest achievement[s] as a student Constructing a road-side market at Dakuivuna village, Wainibuka, as part of my degree unit in Rural Technology.
Career Highlights since Graduation Returned to work with the government of Fiji in the following positions:
- Senior Education Officer (I/A), 1978 to 1985
- Principal Education Officer (TVET), 1985 to 1987
- Chief Education Officer (TVET), 1987 to 1995
- Deputy Secretary for Education, 1995 to Jan 1999
- Deputy Secretary for Fijian Affairs, Jan 1999 to March 1999
- Permanent Secretary for Tourism& Transport, March 1999 to Dec. 2000
- Director FIT, January 2001 to  May 2007
Who/what do you credit your success to? What inspires you? The lecturers and facilitators at USP contributed immensely to my progress as a student and the early part of my post-USP years providing a firm groundwork to my careers as I progress the employment rungs.
How do you think USP helped you in your career? As alluded to above USP provided the foundation to my career progress in terms of the acquired knowledge and skills.
Describe any challenges you face to reach where you are today and how you overcame those challenges? The greatest challenge during my career was keeping pace with the advancement in technology; computerization, internet, mobile fones etc. The programs at USP helped a lot in keeping pace with the changes.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years (career and/or personal goals)? Since Im now retired I had achieved my various dreams in socioeconomic development.
What advice would you give to current and future students of USP? Work/study hard and embrace the new innovations introduced whilst keep in focus the past favorable values.
Please share top three tips that you think are most important for our current students or recent graduates that will help them when starting out on their career paths.
i)    Your USP qualifications are the keys to the employment world but are not necessarily the panacea to a career success.
ii)    Do not limit your career to your USP field of study because your career world will be limited and can cause your career stagnation.
iii)    Use your USP qualifications to unlock the diversified world of socioeconomic opportunities, which with relevant continuing training, can only bring you success after success.
What has your involvement been with the University since you graduated?
Indirectly preparing the serving teachers from the Fiji schools as in-service students at USP.
Any other information you would like to share.
Am the co-author of the book Viti Makawa which fully describes the history of the native Fijians.

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