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UU204 Pacific Worlds

UU204  Pacific Worlds

2012, Pacific Studies launched a compulsory course for all undergraduate students attending USP: UU 204 Pacific Worlds. In this course you will be introduced to the places, histories, cultures, arts, and politics of Oceania.  Our interdisciplinary approach weaves together first-hand information from people of the areas, supplemented with historical writings, contemporary documents, and visual representations as they relate to the region.  To draw upon such a range of diverse knowledge requires multiple conceptual lenses or perspectives through which to understand this dynamic and complex region that makes up a third of the world's surface and has one fifth of the world's languages. By taking this course, you will gain informed understanding of Oceania, what the geographic areas of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesian have in common, as well as what makes them different from one another.  A broad overview of Oceania will be complemented by focused research on specific islands or countries, allowing for a deep and comparative understanding of what is unique or special about Oceania.
This course is a compulsory University Course. Prerequisites: UU100 and UU114.


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