Rona FINIASI - Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)

CFL Staff

BSc, PGDip IT (S.Pac)

Present position:
Multimedia Developer

Section: Multimedia Team

Contact details:
TEDFuturesHUB, Laucala Campus
Tel: (+679) 323 2077, Fax: (+679) 323 1417

Rona Finiasi is a Multimedia Developer based with the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) at The University of the South Pacific. His primary role in CFL is around the development of multimedia learning contents and interactive learning modules towards support in creative learning content development. 

He worked for USPís mLearning Team from 2012 at the Faculty of Science, Technology And Environment (FSTE) department and joined the CFL team in mid-2015 with the current role at the Learning Technologies and Analytics team. 

Rona is currently pursing his Masters in Information Systems, currently he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science & Information Systems from The University of the South Pacific. He also holds a Certificate in Adobe Captivate from the University of Sydney. His interests lie in modern multimedia development and web animations for responsive use in the learning and teaching environment. He also likes to be creative and innovative with his work.


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  • Finiasi, R., & Sharma, B., Chand, S. (2013). Exploration of Mobile Technology: Transforming Learning & Services in the Pacific Region, 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress 2013. The University of the South Pacific, Suva Fiji.
  • VC Forum : mLearning Symposium 2012 & 2013

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