Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management -  Tourism and Hospitality

Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management

Students can take Tourism Management as one major in a double major BCom programme, and as a minor. They can also take Hospitality as a minor. Alternatively, the Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management is a prescribed degree programme combining tourism and hospitality management.

Courses for a Single Major

Not Offered as a Single Major

Courses for ONE major in a Double Major

TS106: Introduction to Tourism

TS107: Tourism in the South Pacific

UU100: Communications and Information Literacy 

UU114: English for Academic Purposes

TS207: Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality 

TS213: International Tourism

UU200: Ethics and Governance

UU204: Pacific Worlds

plus three of:

EC308: Economics of Tourism

TS309: Tourism Business Operations 

TS310: Tourism in Less Developed Countries; or

TS311: Sustainable Tourism Development

plus one 300 elective course such as:

TS302: Strategic Services Management in Hospitality

EC308: Economics of Tourism

TS309: Tourism Business Operations

TS310: Tourism in Less Developed Countries

MG301: Management of Service Operations

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