Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management -  Tourism and Hospitality

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management

The Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management is a four year programme and consists of 24 courses of which eight are at 100-level, eight are at 200-level and eight at 300-level, as listed below.

Students who are not selected by industry practitioners for one-year internship placements on completion of their 200-level courses are required to backtrack into the Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management programme.


Year I: Semester 1

MG101: Introduction to Management

TS106: Introduction to Tourism

TS108: Dimensions of Hospitality

plus one 100-level elective such as


Year I: Semester 2

TS107: Tourism in the South Pacific

TS109: Food and Beverage Services and Cost Control

UU100: Communications and Information Literacy 

UU114: English for Academic Purposes


Year II: Semester 1

TS207: Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality 

TS209: Food and Beverage Management

and one of


Year II: Semester 2

TS208: Operational Issues for Hospitality

Year III: Semester 1 and 2

The internship period is one year and consists of 3 courses

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