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Records Manager Web Client is an important addition to the HP Records Manager software and offers a new way to work with information from a zero footprint web client. It adds more choice in access methods to HP Records Manager to suit your specific user type and organizational preference.

Web Client can be used from any computer, even if Records Manager (formerly TRIM) is not installed on a PC, which will include a University owned desktop computer or any computer with Internet access from home/abroad, however only a registered Records Manager (TRIM) user can access Web Client.

HP Records Manager Web Client interface allows you to:

  • Search and view records
  • Save/Register new documents/records
  • Edit your records
  • Access Records from anywhere around the world

Accessing HPRM Web Client

HPRM Web Client can be accessed at:

Firefox/Waterfox and Chrome are the recommended browser to access web client.

HP Records Manager Web Client browser support;


 Minimum requirement


  Google Chrome 35.0.1916.38

  Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

  Microsoft Internet Explorer 10*

  Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*

 *with Document Mode set to Internet Explorer 9 standards, which is  default

  Mozilla Firefox 29.0


 iPhone/iOS 7.0 running Google Chrome 35.0.1916.38/Safari


 iPad/iOS 7.0 running Google Chrome 35.0.1916.38/Safari

HP Records Manager Web Client uses the responsive design paradigm. The responsive design feature allows HP Records Manager Web Client to automatically adjust and layout the content of the application to suite the specific device.

HPRM Web Client Quick reference Guides; 

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