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Cambridge English

Cambridge English Advanced was originally introduced in 1991 and is a high level qualification that is officially recognized by universities, employers and governments around the world

Who recognizes the exam?

This intensive course will be conducted in ten weeks covering 30 hours of classes on face to face mode and another 30 hours when students are expected to study on their own doing homework, research, reading, exam practice and other prescribed course work.

Lectures will be held once a week on Wednesday evenings, from 5pm – 8pm.  The study and learning schedule provided will guide you in the work you will do on a weekly basis.

The examination consists of four papers.  These are:

1. Reading and use of English         - 1 hour & 30 minutes

2. Writing               - 1 hour & 30 minutes

3. Listening                 - 40 minutes

4. Speaking                 - 15 minutes for pairs

The course aims to increase your competence in these four examination areas as well as familiarize you on the standards and expectations of the Cambridge Advanced English Examination.

Please visit us at, 

Foster Court, 

107 Foster Road, 

Walu Bay, 


For further information on course details and assistance please contact: 

Renu Devi, Telephone: (679) 3312193/3312297 or email:

Muni Naicker, Telephone: (679) 3312193/3312297 or email: 

Nilesh Kumar, Telephone: (679) 3312195 or email: kumar_nl(at) 

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