About Us -  Institute of Education (IOE)

The Pacific's Hub for Educational Research


The IoE was established in 1975 and is the first and longest serving Institute of the USP. The core mandate of the Institute is to:


• Deliver professional development

• Publish teaching and learning materials for Pacific schools

• Provide policy advice

• Conduct applied research

• Provide technical consultancies


To meet the mandate of the Institute, the IoE delivers 3 core programmes:

• Waka Publications Program

• Professional Development and Learning Program

• Research and Development Program


In 2010, upon approval of the government of Tonga’s request, the IoE was relocated to Tonga and has since, grew and expanded its operations with the opening of a new office in Honiara, Solomon Islands in 2014 whilst simultaneously maintaining the operation of the IoE Suva,Fiji office.

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