NOPE -  Institute of Education (IOE)


NOPE Objectives

To create links and facilitate resource-sharing amongst people of the Pacific working in education and educational development.


NOPE History

The Institute of Education (IOE) is implementing NOPE as part of the Re-thinking Pacific Education Initiative by Pacific People for Pacific People project (RPEIPP). For more information click here.

NOPE Administration

IOE has assigned Afuafu Kautoke IOE Program Co-ordinator is responsible for the administration and development of NOPE. The plans for NOPE will evolve as our network grows. Currently our plans include a database of experts/consultants in the region and online discussion forums. 

NOPE mailing list

The first phase of NOPE is the creation of a NOPE mailing list.  We would like to include organisations and individuals from outside the IOE network.  If you are interested in joining the NOPE mailing list, sign up here 

Please read the NOPE code of conduct and ensure that your participation is compliant.

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