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The Network of Pacific Educators (NOPE) comes to materialisation as part of the Rethinking Pacific Education Initiative by Pacific People for Pacific People project (RPEIPP) implemented by the IOE. The establishment of NOPE has been further encouraged by direct requests from regional educators who participated in the Pacific Regional Inititiatives in the Delivery of Basic Education (The PRIDE Project) workshops in late 2004 and early 2005. Thus, through the IOE's RPEIPP and PRIDE projects, NOPE was  born.


The RPEIPP and PRIDE projects are concerned with educational development in the Pacific region. These two projects were primarily concerned with processes that would ensure that Pacific education is owned by Pacific people - thereby making education relevant, meaningful and a worthwhile pursuit for Pacific people. 


The RPEIPP and PRIDE projects were implemented by IOE during 2004-2009. Both projects are supported by regional organisations and donor agencies; including Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, NZAID, and the European Union.  


NOPE also provides the opportunity for Pacific educators to build relationships and to renew old ties with others share this Ocean. Through NOPE, IOE hopes that we can strengthen our regional relationships by sharing our expertise, knowledge, beliefs, skills, values and epistemologies about ourselves, our children and education in our region.


NOPE is open to Pacific educators or persons interested in Pacific education, including but not limited to; people working at the policy and planning levels of Ministries of Education, senior staff of tertiary institutions, secondary and primary schools, early childhood schools, curriculum and assessment units, including teacher's training colleges, special education and vocational and technical institutions.

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