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Undergraduate Degree Programmes: Faculty of Arts, Law and Education (FALE)

The Graduate Certificate in Education (GCEd) programme provides a professional secondary teaching qualification for graduates in a discipline that is a secondary teaching subject, who aspire to become teachers or who are currently teaching. Most of the courses for the GCEd are offered by distance and flexible learning and the programme can be completed in one year provided students have already passed ED152 and ED153 before commencing full-time study.

Students doing the BA or BCom or BSc at USP who wish to take up the GCEd later are advised to include ED152 and ED153 as electives in their degree programmes.

Special Admission Requirements:

To be admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Education a person shall:

  • a) hold a University of the South Pacific degree or its equivalent (other than a BEd or BA/ GCEd or BCom/GCEd or BSc/GCEd or their equivalents) with specialisation in two of the following teaching subjects: Accounting, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Economics, Home Economics, Geography, History, Literature and Language, Mathematics, Pacific Vernacular Languages, Physics and Technology;
  • b) normally have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 in the 200- and 300-level courses in each of their teaching subjects;
  • c) pass a student-teacher interview; and
  • d) provide a character reference from a USP lecturer or the head or a senior teacher of their last school.

Note: The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education may admit to the programme a student with a GPA marginally below 2.5 who has a strong character reference and who has performed well at the interview.

Programme Requirements:

  • 1. The Graduate Certificate in Education consists of 8 courses including a practicum (ED300) of 17 weeks.
  • 2. Students must pass ED300 in order to be eligible for the award of the GCED.

Courses: ED152, ED153, ED250 (or, for an Agriculture graduate, AG250), ED252; plus ED300, ED350 (or, for an Agriculture graduate, AG350), ED354; plus ED359.

This programme will be offered also in French from 2016. The French descriptor is on the next.


Le Certificat post-licence en Sciences de l’éducation (CplSE) offre une qualification professionnelle à l’enseignement secondaire aux personnes titulaires d’une licence dans une des disciplines enseignées dans les écoles secondaires. La plupart des cours sont proposés en formation ouverte à distance (FOAD). Ce certificat peut être obtenu en un an si les étudiants ont déjà validé les cours ED152 et ED153.

Pour les étudiants inscrits en licence à l’USP qui auraient l’intention de suivre le CplSE par la suite, il est donc vivement conseillé de choisir les cours optionnels ED152 et ED153 durant leur licence.

Critères d’admission:

Pour être admis au Certificat post-licence en Sciences de l’éducation, les candidats doivent :

  • a) avoir obtenu une licence de l’Université du Pacifique Sud ou équivalente (autre que la licence en sciences de l’éducation BEd ou les licences à double spécialisation BA/ GCEd, BCom/GCEd, BSc/GCEd) se spécialisant dans deux des disciplines suivantes : Agriculture, Biologie, Chimie, Comptabilité, Economie, Economie domestique, Géographie, Histoire, Informatique, Littérature et langues, Langues vernaculaires du Pacifique, Mathématiques, Physique et Technologie ;
  • b) avoir une moyenne générale (GPA) d’au moins 2,5 dans les cours de niveau 200- et 300- de leurs disciplines d’enseignement ;
  • c) réussir un entretien étudiant – professeur ;
  • d) fournir une recommandation de la part d’un professeur de l’USP ou du directeur ou d’un enseignant expérimenté du dernier établissement où il/elle a enseigné.

Remarque : la Doyenne de la Faculté d’Art, de Droit et d’Education peut décider d’accepter un candidat dont la moyenne est légèrement en dessous de 2,5 si le candidat a de très bonnes références et a bien réussi son entretien.

Exigences du programme:

  • 1. Le Certificat post-licence en Sciences de l’éducation est composé de 8 cours, dont un stage de pratique accompagnée (ED300) de 17 semaines.
  • 2. Les étudiants doivent impérativement réussir le cours pratique ED300 pour recevoir le certificat.

Cours: ED152FR, ED153FR, ED250FR, ED252FR, ED300FR, ED350FR, ED354FR, ED359FR.


This programme is offered as special In-country project in Solomon Islands over the next three years. It is specifically targeted to meet the needs of school leaders (Principals of secondary schools, Head Teachers of primary schools and Heads of ECE centres) in Solomon Islands. The possible offer of the programme in other countries will be given due consideration.

The programme is meant as a qualifier for school leadership and provides opportunities for participants to explore and apply the principles of school leadership, school management, management of professional development, teaching and learning, and community connectedness. It will use the Principal’s standards as well as the policies and plans of the national Ministry of Education. The programme has an intensive face-to-face component followed by a practicum component where participants have the opportunity to reflect on practice and also design relevant administrative and management tools to use in their particular context.

Special Admission Requirements

  • a) a recognised teacher training qualification, and
  • b) had a minimum of 10 years relevant work experience in Early Childhood Education & Care or Primary or Secondary school environment, and
  • c) experience in school leadership roles.

Programme Requirements:

The Graduate Certificate in School Leadership programme consists of five courses which are seen to be independent focusing on specific elements of school leadership: Planning Professional Development; School Leadership; School Management; Enhancing learning and learning environments; Community Partnership. Each course includes an intensive face-to-face lecture and workshop component as well as a Practicum in school.

Courses: EDP05, EDP06, EDP07, EDP08, EDP09

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