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Thank you for your interest in Pacific Policing!

The Pacific Policing Programme demonstrates the university’s commitment to developing human resource capacity across the region. It is tailored to enhance the professional and practical knowledge of civil servants or civilians with a vested interest in the multiple dimensions of policing. The programme is intended to expose students to ideas about policing as a social function of regulation processes and reproduction practices that govern life in the Pacific region. It is multi-disciplinary in scope as it draws on knowledge from other disciplines within the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education, as well as the Faculty of Business and Economics, and the university’s Interdisciplinary Colleges and Centres.

The programme allows for continued collaborations with policing organizations, local and regional governments, and non-governmental organizations. We invite all individuals interested in joining or contributing to a civil team directly responsible for policing in the South Pacific to consider an academic qualification in Pacific Policing. The programme is currently being revised to be offered online from 2018.

Why Study Pacific Policing

If you are interested in criminological ideas; international, regional and local issues affecting social control; increasing levels of crime and deviance; leadership and ethics in policing and  knowledge frameworks specific to understanding policing in the Pacific region, a qualification in Pacific Policing is perfect for you.

The Pacific Policing Programme offerings are ideally suited to:

  • Persons interested in entering the police force
  • Current police officers interested in transitioning to other arms of civil service
  • Current police officers interested in academic advancement
  • Persons preparing for a non-operational role in Pacific regulatory governance and processes
  • Persons preparing for leadership positions in the military or security services
  • Civilians interested in Pacific Policing

Current Programme Offerings

The programme caters to the needs of persons wishing to attain different levels of academic qualifications. You can currently enrol in one of the following:

There are currently six Pacific Policing Courses offered: PP101, PP201, PP202, PP300, PP301, PP302. 


The team of staff members contributing to teaching and continued development of the Pacific Policing Programme are:

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