PA 418 Pacific Epistemology: Knowing and Being in Oceania -  Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies

Prerequisites: Admission to PGDA or equivalent. Fundamental in examining the unique ways of knowing in Oceania  are questions such as: Do Pacific people have knowledge? What is knowledge in Pacific cultures? Where does this knowledge come from? Who is capable of ‘knowing’ in Oceania? Do men and women ‘know’ in the same way in Pacific cultures?  Course readings will be drawn from the existing literature on Pacific ways of knowing, doing and being.

Some of the readings will include….. “A Place to sit and stand: Vugalei Fijian Epistemology. By Nabobo, Unaisi. In Mohit Presad (ed),  USP, 2006. “Our Islands of Knowledge: Revisioning the Place of Pacific Epistemologies in a Rapidly Globalizing World”. By Gegeo, D. In Mohot Prasad (ed), USP, 2006 “Ho’oulu: Our Time of Becoming: Hawaiian Epistemology and Early Writings. BY Meyer, M. A. Honolulu: Ai Pohaku Native Books. 2003,

Offered in Semester             1 & 2

Lecturer Dr David Gegeo          

Male Traditional Samoan tattoo known as Pe'a. Image Source Oceania Centre


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