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PA423 - Contemporary Pacific Arts

Prerequisites: Admission to PGDA or equivalent.

What is 'art in the Pacific  and how can we examine  it as expressions of Pacific  ways of thinking and being? This course critically  examines the  concept art and  provides a social analysis of Pacific art over time as expression of Pacific cosmology, religion, migration, politics etc. Throughout the course students are introduced to the diversity and complexity of creative forms of  expression  in the Pacific  as well  as the  contemporary arts that are made, stored and exhibited at the Centre of Oceania for Arts, Cultures and Pacific Studies.

Some of the readings  will include

Dark, P.(1983). Among the Kilenge art is something which is well done. Art and Artists in Oceania, 25-44

Kamehiro, S. L. (2009). Chapter 2 Palaces and Sacred Spaces in, The Arts of Kingship:

Hawaiian Art and National Culture of the Kalākaua  Era. University of Hawaii Press

Offered in Semester 2

Lecturer Dr Jara Hulkenberg

 Contemporary Dance performance by the Oceania Dance Theatre from the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies.


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