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Programme Description

This programme will only be offered as a special in-Country project. The primary purpose of the award programme is to improve the skills of educational administrators working Pacific national ministries of education and schools. The programme will focus on specific skills in educational leadership, policy and planning development in education and financing education.

The programme is focused on three key learning outcomes:

1. Examine elements of educational policy and planning with a sensitivity to the contextual realities of Pacific countries

2. Design effective and the appropriate education policy and planning activities for Pacific context

3. Evaluate current practices of education policy and planning activities in the Pacific context

Special Admission Requirements:

To be admitted into the Professional Certificate in Education Policy and Planning a person shall have:

a) obtained a first degree and teaching qualification;

b) experience as a head of primary and secondary schools, educational administration at the systems level or experience as an education officers at district/provincial/level, educational planning and policy writing at departmental and ministerial levels, experience as director/dean of education systems,  or experienced as head of school;

c) met the USP mature student admission criteria.

Programme Requirements: The Professional Certificate in Education Policy and Planning consists of four courses taught as two-weeks intensive workshops. A total of 8 weeks is needed for the completion of the Professional Certificate. All courses will be taught face to face on campus per cohort.

Courses: EDP01, EDP02, EDP03, EDP04

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