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STHM Research Colloquium

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM)

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Invites you to the STHM Research Colloquium

Presentation and Discussion of PG Research Proposals 

Date: Tuesday, 16 May, 2017  

Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm   

 Venue: STHM Tutorial Room


Determining tourist satisfaction attributes of ecotourism in an online and offline nexus:
A case study of Matava Fiji’s Premier Ecotourism Resort 

by Marica Kalou

he main focus of this study is to investigate the major driving attributes that influence satisfaction of ecotourists in Fiji. Analyzing tourist interviews and TripAdvisor reviews, this study employs Llosa’s Tetraclasse model to gain a deeper insight of the elements that influence visitors’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels. 


Managing negative reviews on TripAdvisor: A study of Aitutaki hotels, Cook Islands

by Mani Mate 

Online complaints on social media platforms and review sites can have a negative impact on consumers' evaluations. Drawing on service failure and recovery, electronic word-of-mouth, complaint handling and reputation management literature this study will examine how Aitutaki hotel managers respond to negative online reviews particularly on TripAdvisor.


An investigation of social media marketing performance of Fiji’s hotel industry

by Karishma Sharma

This study evaluates the marketing performance of 105 hotels in Fiji on various social media sites according to the Digital Marketing Framework. The research identifies major problems regarding the hotels' social media marketing efforts, the implications behind these problems and provides recommendations for improvement accordingly. 

Date: Tuesday, 25 April, 2017  

Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm   

 Venue: STHM Tutorial Room


An investigation of the travel behaviours of Pacific Islanders

by Nemani Tebana

Stanley Plog’s model of allocentricity and psychocentricity, developed in the field of psychology, has been extensively cited in tourism literature and applied in tourist behavior research. This study aims to identify and analyse the tourist behaviors of Pacific Islanders. According to Plog, US travellers viewed the Pacific region as allocentric, so how do the Pacific Islanders view the US (and other western destinations) as a destination? The responses to a survey are analysed using Plog’s model to better understand the tourist behaviors of Pacific Islanders and how their behaviour resembles, or differs from those of the US traveller.


Bridging the gap between graduate and employer expectations:
A Case Study of USP's Tourism graduates and senior hotel managers

by Lorissa Hazelman

This study investigates the experience of Fiji tourism graduates in the working environment in relation to entering employment, income, types of employment and career perspectives. It further examines the difference in expectations of selected senior hotel managers and graduates to inform institutions’ curricula for a better fit. A mixed methods approach was deployed consisting of self-administered questionnaires, face to face interviews and secondary data analysis. 

Date: Tuesday, 16 May, 2017  

Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm   

 Venue: STHM Tutorial Room


Research Related Tourism in Fiji: A Case Study of Votua Village in Viti Levu

by Chetan Shah

Research related tourism refers to any tourism related activity in pursuit of learning or acquiring knowledge. This study project aims at refining research tourism as a concept by creating a typology for research tourists and further examines the impacts of such tourism on local communities. Finally, it identifies motivations of research tourists in choosing Fiji as their research site. The research employs ethnography as a methodology, using participant observation, key actor interviewing, semi structured interviews, informal interviews and focus groups to collect required data.


The Perceptions of the Hajj Pilgrimage from the Perspectives of Muslim Communities in Fiji

 by Farisha Nisha

This empirical study uses phenomenological qualitative research approach to examine the perceptions of Fijian Muslims on Hajj. Hence, the research will identify distinctive perceptions of actual Hajj performance among Fijian Muslim pilgrims; explore various types of mobilities encountered by Fijian Muslims to perform Hajj; and examine the Hajj issues and challenges faced by Fijian Muslims. In-depth semi-structured interviews will be utilised to collect data. Thematic analysis will guide the research data analysis and interpretation.

Date: Wednesday, 2 November, 2017  

Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm   

 Venue: STHM Tutorial Room

Dark Tourism: Journey into the past with future prospects of Tourism Development in Solomon Islands

by Eileen Yai

This presentation uses the case study of the Battle of Guadalcanal in order to examine future prospects of developing dark tourism as a potential niche market in the Solomon Islands. It aims to discover the complex dynamics of hosts, private sectors and government multidimensional perspectives. 


Quality of life and tourism in Fiji Islands: A case study of a rural Fijian village

by Ilisapeci Matatolu

This empirical study, styled along an ethnographic approach, will examine how the Sigatoka River Safari tour has affected the quality of life of residents of Raravou Village in Nadroga. It aims to unearth the complex dynamics inherent in tourist-host community interactions. Methods of data collection include participant observation and focus groups.


The perceptions on tourism mobility/immobility of Fijians of Indian descent at the Northwest region of Viti Levu in Fiji.

by Balbir Singh

The main aim of this research is to examine the perceptions of tourism mobility/immobility for Fijians of Indian descent in Fiji. Sequential explanatory design will guide the mixed method approach in this research study and highlight tourism mobility/immobility in relation to rural communities. 

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