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April 5, 2018 11:17 Age: 1 year

Total Experience Survey (TES) Reports - Available Online

Category: LTSS News

The Planning & Quality Office has now made Total Experience Survey (TES) Reports available online to all staff.

The TES covers the following aspects of the student experience:
Student Inclusion and Engagement, Learning and Teaching, Support Services, Overall Education Experience, Demographics, Linking Programme to Real World.

The online reporting system generates 10 stratified online (printable) reports.  These include 5 TES Overall Reports (which aggregates results from all campuses) and 5 Campus Specific Reports.

As per the Survey Framework (6.2.2), it is now the responsibility of the recipients of Survey Reports (viz., faculties and appropriate Support Sections) to use findings to drive improvements where needed, and report to the TQC. This applies to both TES and SEC. This will help us in providing some form of closure to these two institutional surveys.

The TES Reports and SEC Reports are accessible from the University website Quick Links.