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To all Students,

We regret to announce that the University will at the end of today de-activate students who have not paid any fee at all or owe fees of more than 50% across all campuses. It is implementing the decision made earlier in the semester which the University has widely communicated to all students, campuses and regional member countries.

While the fee deadline was 18th August 2017, the University has allowed a grace period of two weeks to allow fees applied through various private sponsors and financing institutions (like FNPF and TELS) to be finalized and processed by the campuses. Fees paid up to yesterday 31st August have been considered.

All students who are affected by this process will not be able to access their Moodle, SOLS, e-mails and other USP systems by the weekend. Students who wish to continue their studies and to sit for their exam can still settle their fees in full before their account is re-activated. Students are allowed a further 4 weeks to do so, up to Friday 29th September 2017.

Students who wish to make payment arrangements can visit the Finance Section at Laucala Campus or respective Campus and Centre office. They can sign a payment agreement for September but at least 50% of the fees have to be paid by 29th September 2017. The accounts will be re-activated on signing the legally binding agreement so the students can access Moodle and other learning systems. These accounts will be de-activated again on week of 2nd October 2017 if more than 50% of the fee is still owed. The Finance and Campus officers assessing requests for payment arrangements will do so depending on evidence of ability to make payments within a month. Their decision would be final.

Students who are de-activated on first week of October will have no chance to continue studies and will not be allowed to sit for exams.

The SAS office at Laucala Campus and other Regional Campus and Centre offices will be able assist students who will be de-activated today, in terms of providing your invoice copies (if required) and receipting of outstanding fees and all related late penalty charges. Accounts will be re-activated on the next working day from day of full payment of fees and penalty charges.

Students who owe less than 50% will continue studies and will be allowed to sit for their exams. But their accounts will be on hold on day of final exams, ie, they will not be allowed to re-enroll and access examination results unless the fees and penalty charges are paid in full. Students are encouraged to pay these fees as soon as possible, many of these are made up of general service fees and health fees.

We wish to thank 88% of the students who have paid their fees in full or have less than 50% of the fees owed.

The University is working with the governments to see how they can assist students who are affected by this. The Fiji students are encouraged to visit the TELS office for assistance immediately.

For any assistance on the matter, please visit the SAS office at Laucala Campus or respective Campus/Centre office. E-mail queries can also be sent to helpdesk(at)

Message from the Office of the Executive Director Finance and Student Administrative Services

Fee Payment Deadline and Procedures


1.Students who have paid no fees at all (i.e., neither tuition nor other fees)

Students who have paid no fees at all by 18 August 2017 shall be de-registered on 25th August 2017. This means their registration is cancelled, and they owe nothing to the University (i.e., it is as if they never were registered). These students can be re-registered in that Semester if they pay all outstanding fees including penalties within one month of deregistration. Such students will hereafter be required to pay all fees upfront when they next register for courses.

2. Students owing more than 50% of their tuition fees, or not paid substantial amount of other fees (e.g., accommodation)

Students owing more than 50% of their tuition fees or not paid substantial amount of other fees by 18 August 2017,  shall have their accounts de-activated on 25th August 2017. This means they will not have access to Moodle or other facilities, and cannot sit exams, or submit other assessment items. Studentsí accounts can only be re-activated if they pay all outstanding fees or make arrangements to pay by maximum of two installments and they have one month to do so;

3. Students who have paid only part of their tuition fees, or not paid some other fees, but for which the total sum outstanding is less than FJ$500

Such students shall be placed on hold on 10th November. This means they will have access to Moodle, and will be allowed to sit exams and other assessments, but will not be allowed to register for any new courses, and will not be allowed to access their examination results. To register or gain access to results, such students will be required to follow normal University processes. Such students will not be allowed to use this proviso more than once in their entire study period at USP.


Mr. Kolinio Boila

Executive Director of Finance


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